Guidelines to keep our buildings safe

Supervisors, unit heads, building directors, PIs and others responsible for physical spaces, such as laboratories or research spaces, must follow these directives:

  1. Rearrange workspaces or adjust processes to ensure physical distancing:

    • Reduce density to an average of 30% (1 person in 3) to allow 2-metre physical distancing to be respected.
    • If physical distancing cannot be respected, other measures such as physical barriers or the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) must be implemented.
    • Lunch / break rooms can be used, but physical distancing guidelines (2 metres) must be followed, and surfaces must be wiped down after use.
  2. Ensure frequent cleaning, especially of high-touch surfaces and objects.

    • Read the detailed description of building cleaning directives.
    • See details about planning considerations for increased cleaning in workspaces.
    • Avoid sharing supplies and equipment if possible or if not, apply appropriate cleaning measures.
  3. Ensure people are guided to move safely though the space

    • All buildings remain on “Card Only” access and access must be assigned before entry.
    • Ensure that signage is placed at access and egress points as well as by elevator banks, in stairwells and other common spaces as reminders about new prevention measures in effect. Download posters and other signage.
    • Put measures in place to reduce the number of non-McGill people circulating in buildings, including for deliveries.
  4. Take Precautions If Someone Develops Symptoms

    Supervisors or people in charge of an area, such as a PI or instructor, need to do the following when they receiving a report of COVID-19 symptoms:
    • Ask that everyone vacate the areas in which the individual has been immediately present.
    • Isolate the individual them in a closed room.
    • Give them a procedural (or surgical) mask to wear. If that isn’t available ask them to cover their mouth and nose with their own mask or cloth.
    • Have the person with symptoms call 1-877-644-4545 (Info-Santé) for instructions.
    • Have the person with symptoms call McGill Security (514-398-3000) to report.
    • Reassure others working or studying in the same area that they can return to the areas as soon as the cleaning and disinfection process is complete. No specific follow up is needed beyond watching for symptoms as usual.

Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in reduced access, exclusion from the building, and/or disciplinary measures.

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