Directives: Resumption of on-campus academic activities for students

Updated: October 30, 2020

Following government directives, until further notice, all teaching, with the exception of certain teaching activities that must be held in person, will be held remotely. Study Hubs remain open, operating at reduced capacity. For the latest, please check campus operational status here.

As we look toward the Fall 2020 term, there is interest and an expectation that some academic or teaching activities will occur for students who are on our campuses. As defined by the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), in-person “teaching” activities are situations where both instructors and learners would be physically present in the same space. More generally, in-person ‘student academic activities’ falling under this heading include any activities that are curricular and directly connected to a course as part of a student’s academic program. With the exception of some activities in the Health Science Professions, McGill’s classes will be delivered primarily through remote delivery. Therefore, the in-person teaching activities are meant to be components or activities within a course that could be offered in-person to small groups of students, and that these activities would be replicated online to ensure students who are unable to come to Montreal would not be disadvantaged.

Some examples of activities that would fall under this category include:

  • Some sections or conferences of larger classes that might be offered in-person
  • A selection of regular lectures or guest lectures
  • Student presentations
  • Small graduate seminar classes
  • Upper-level design courses
  • Tutorials
  • In-person exams or tests
  • Group projects, group discussions

The planning of such activities would be done in a manner aligned with the learning outcomes of the course.

Other activities (e.g., extra-curricular opportunities, events, clubs/activities) - revisions to approval process pending

Procedure for Approval:

In-person academic activities for students require approvals at various levels, including at the faculty level as well as from the Academic Planning Executive Committee (APEC) for its academic considerations and prioritization, and from EOC for consideration of logistics and operations. Anything that is approved will follow all directives to ensure no instructors or students will be in an environment that is unsafe.

Any instructor planning in-person academic activities for students can download the following File template form. Approvals are done at a Faculty-level with both the Associate Dean (Academic) or equivalent, as well as from the Dean. Completed forms are submitted to the APEC at the following email address: teaching_programs.provost [at] After review at APEC, proposals will be forwarded to EOC for logistical and operations review.

Instructors interested in considering in-person academic activities for students should ensure they are explicit about this on their course outlines, and make it clear to students that such activities will not disadvantage students who are studying remotely, and that if conditions change with COVID-19 in the Montreal area, adjustments to the plan for in-person learning opportunities may be necessary.


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