Building access

Updated: July 29, 2020

Buildings are currently classified according to three categories, depending on activity levels. As the University gradually increases on-campus activities, buildings may change categories. This page will be updated to reflect such changes.

Before coming to campus, please remember to read and follow the mandatory health guidelines.

Category 1: High traffic

Includes all buildings at 25-30% of occupancy; this includes all buildings in which access has been managed as part of earlier research ramp-up phases. High Traffic Buildings are on Card Access Only, have signage installed in common spaces throughout the building indicating distancing and other prevention measures, hand sanitizer available at the entrance, HVAC systems operating, water systems flushed, and enhanced environmental cleaning of high-touch surfaces in common areas.

Current Category 1 buildings are:

Downtown campus

  • Bronfman Building
  • Burnside Hall
  • Currie Gymnasium
  • Duff Medical Building
  • Duggan House and Coach House
  • Elizabeth Wirth Building
  • Frank Dawson Adams Building
  • Irving Ludmer Psychiatry Research and Training Building
  • Leacock Building
  • Life Sciences Complex: Bellini Building, Goodman Cancer Research Centre, and McIntyre Medical
  • Maass Chemistry Building
  • Macdonald Engineering
  • Macdonald-Harrington Building
  • McConnell Engineering
  • McGill Genome Centre
  • Pulp & Paper Building
  • Repath Museum research areas (museum will remain closed to the public)
  • Rutherford Physics
  • Stewart Biology
  • Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building
  • Strathcona Music Building
  • Wong Building

Macdonald Campus

  • Barton Building
  • Macdonald-Stewart Building
  • Parasitology Building
  • Raymond Building

Category 2: Limited traffic

Limited traffic buildings (below 25-30% occupancy) are on Card Access Only, have basic signage installed at the building entrance, hand sanitizer available at the entrance, HVAC systems operating, and nightly environmental cleaning of high-touch surfaces and common areas.

Current Category 2 buildings: Any buildings not listed in Category 1 or 3.

Category 3: Rental

Similar activities are allowable and similar approvals as for high traffic and limited traffic buildings are required, but specific care needs to be taken to coordinate activities with landlords.

Current Category 3 buildings:

  • 5858 Cote des Neiges
  • 4920 Maisonneuve
  • 5100 Maisonneuve
  • 2001 McGill College
  • 1555 Peel
  • Place du Parc (Sim Centre)
  • Presbyterian College
  • 420 Sherbrooke West (CAMPUS1 MTL)
  • 550 Sherbrooke West
  • 772 Sherbrooke West
  • 1010 Sherbrooke West
  • 1980 Sherbrooke West
  • UQAM - Bioengineering
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