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If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have received a positive test, report your symptoms or diagnosis here.

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The University expects you to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. The vaccination is free and is open to everyone (including international students) with photo identification and your RAMQ card or health information from outside of Quebec. You can now book your second dose only four weeks after your first.

Unsure about vaccines? Find out more.

Walk-in clinics | Book your appointment | Register your vaccines | FAQs | Vaccine passports | Questions about the vaccines

Where to get a vaccination without an appointment (walk-in clinics) 

McGill will be hosting a walk-in vaccination clinic at Redpath Hall - September 28

If you would like to get a COVID vaccination without an appointment, many COVID Vaccination clinics around Montreal offer first-come-first-serve walk-in vaccinations. A list of clinics is available here.

From the downtown campus, Palais des congrès de Montréal offers first or second dose vaccinations of Pfizer or Moderna (depending on availability) without an appointment. The clinic is a 20-minute walk from campus and is open every day from 08:00-19:00.

There is no walk-in clinic that is close to the Macdonald campus. However, you can book an appointment at the UniPrix on rue Sainte-Anne, about a 15 minute walk from the Mac campus.  

How to book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment

  1. Visit the Clic Sante website
  2. To book your first dose: Click “Select a Service” and “COVID-19 Vaccine: First Dose”, or
  3. To book your second dose:
    • If you have a Quebec RAMQ Number: Click “Select a Service” and “COVID-19 Vaccine: Second Dose”
    • If you do not have a RAMQ Number (international and out-of-province students): Click “Select a Service” and “COVID-19 Vaccine: Troubleshooting”
  4. Enter your Quebec postal code
  5. Find a clinic and select “Book an Appointment”
  6. Answer any screening questions
  7. If you do not have a RAMQ number, be sure to check the box that says:
    "I confirm that I do not have a Quebec Health Insurance Number. I will provide accurate additional information so that I can be identified correctly."
  8. Choose a date and time for your vaccination
  9. Enter your personal information and complete your booking

For more information, please visit Quebec’s COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign page.

Registering your first or second dose received outside of Quebec

To be eligible for the vaccine passport, you will need to make an in-person appointment at a vaccination clinic to register your doses.

If you have received your first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine outside of Quebec and would like to book your second appointment in Quebec, you can make an appointment by visiting the Clic Sante site and clicking “Select a Service” and “COVID-19 Vaccine: Troubleshooting.”

If you have been fully vaccinated outside of Quebec, please visit Clic Sante and click “Select a Service” and “COVID-19 Vaccine: Troubleshooting” to make an appointment to register your vaccinations.

Clinics in Montreal offering Vaccine Registration:

Consult the Clic Sante website for availability of other clinics to register vaccinations.

Vaccines and the McGill community

Please visit the Vaccination FAQs on our Vaccination FAQs to learn more about how vaccinations will impact our return to campus.

Vaccine passports

As of September 1, 2021, McGill is implementing the Quebec vaccine passport for non-essential activities on campus. The Vaccine Passports and McGill page has the latest information about:

  • Activities requiring a passport   
  • Activities not requiring a passport
  • Getting a vaccine passport   
  • Presenting a vaccine passport   
  • Verifying a vaccine passport   

Questions about the COVID vaccines

If you have any questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, please consult this document from the Government of Quebec.

For the health and safety of your fellow students, family and colleagues (and yourself), be sure to book your first or second COVID vaccination today. With variant cases on the rise in many areas of the world, the best possible protection against the virus is to get vaccinated.


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