Ask an Expert Video Series

In our Ask an Expert series, Dr. Don Sheppard and Dr. Tina Montreuil answer the most pressing COVID-19 questions and how they impact your health and safety.

If I am fully vaccinated, how safe am I sharing a workspace or classroom with those who may not be?

Why does having 75% of population fully vaccinated allow some public health measures to be eased?


If I am fully vaccinated, what are my risks from the Delta variant?

Since mRNA vaccines were fast-tracked through approvals, are they safe?


Why go back to University or work now? Why not wait?

Is it safe to take public transit to campus?


How much additional risk is there if physical distancing is reduced to one meter or disappears?

Why is a gradual return to social activities and in-person work important?


How can we be supportive of others throughout the transition?

For those working, studying onsite through the pandemic, what might they experience as more return?


How can we reframe our thinking to help with anxiety?

How can we help ourselves to deal with anxiety about coming back?

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