Information for instructors

All instructors and students are expected to be in Montreal for the start of the Fall 2021 semester.

  • Our students are excited to return to campus to learn in person. Although the past year has allowed many instructors to experience some advantages of online learning, McGill remains committed to offering in-person learning experiences.
  • While there are some anxieties about returning to campus, McGill is committed to the health, safety, and wellness of our community and is taking very careful steps to gradually increase in-person activities as per government directives.

Distancing is not required in classrooms for Fall 2021 courses

The course schedule currently posted will change before the start of the Fall term, based on the government’s announcement of August 6 that classrooms will not require physical distancing for the Fall 2021 term. While the timetable itself will not change, room allocations and room assignments will change for many courses.

We will update the schedule before classes start and then email instructors so they can check their schedules for revisions.

The expected changes are:

  • Some courses currently scheduled to be online will switch to in-person (Instructors affected by the change were notified in emails over the summer that this was likely)
  • Approximately 85% of our teaching activities will now be in-person.
  • Most classes already scheduled in-person will change rooms.

Masks and Teaching

To help with intelligibility and in order to ensure universal access for all, including hearing impaired students, where necessary instructors are permitted to remove their procedural mask to teach, provided they remain at least two meters away from others.

If the instructor prefers not to remove their procedural mask, and upon request from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), the University will provide a transparent mask for the instructor to ensure that students who rely on lip reading can follow the course. Requests for clear masks can be sent to catherine.roy7 [at] (subject: Request%20for%20clear%20mask) (McGill’s Accessibility Advisor).

Usage of built-in microphone and amplification systems by the instructor is strongly encouraged where possible, in order to increase intelligibility and reduce aerosol production.


Many course assessments – including tests and examinations – can be done in person.

  • For courses with a room assignment, holding in-person assessments during the scheduled class time will certainly be possible.
  • The lifting of public health restrictions will offer more opportunities to hold in-person assessments, even for those teaching online. Instructors can connect with their Faculty to discuss planning for in-person assessment such as mid-term examinations.
  • Given that students are expected to be in Montreal, if you plan for online assessments, please note that these can be held synchronously and within the time window allocated for the assessment (e.g., during class time).
  • Planning for Final Examinations is ongoing, and more updates will be forthcoming.

Access to Offices

Instructors and academic staff can access their offices as needed – there are no restrictions on occupancy levels.

Read FAQs for instructors about topics such as academic accommodations, Zoom licenses, classroom ventilation and what to do if students aren’t following COVID-19 protocols.

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