Information for administrative and support staff

Current as of August 10, 2021

Many McGill employees have been working in person at the University throughout the pandemic, but many administrative and support (A&S) staff have had to work from home for much of the time.

A&S staff who have been working from home need to be on campus approximately 30% of the time, on average, by mid-August.

  • Depending on the building context and operational needs, some staff may be asked to come in for a larger or smaller percentage of time. The percentage of onsite time could change as building usage is evaluated.
  • For example, buildings that host a large number of classes will have a greater volume of students, and A&S staff may need to come in less to maintain distancing in common areas. In buildings that are home to A&S staff only, with no classes, staff could be onsite up to 60% of their time.
  • Your supervisor will let you know if you need to exceed the 30% or reduce your time on campus.

Once government restrictions are eased to allow for full occupancy of buildings, all A&S staff will return to work in person full time. A ramp-up period of approximately two weeks will allow staff to transition from 30% to 100% of time onsite.

The Interim Flexible Work Arrangements program, allowing eligible staff to work remotely up to 40% of their time with their supervisor’s permission, will be available once all A&S staff are allowed to work onsite full time. Until then, most eligible employees will be working 70% of their time from home, so there is no need for the Interim Flexible Work Arrangement.

Read the FAQs for admin and support staff.

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