McGill operational status – Coronavirus information

Changes to McGill’s operations, including its academic activities, are happening rapidly, as we respond to government directives to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. To help the members of the McGill community keep track, we have created this handy guide.

Updated February 9, 2021

Teaching / academics


General teaching

Remote teaching, with a few exceptions (see below)

In-person teaching

Tier 1 activities continuing as scheduled

Tier 2 activities gradually resuming

Study Hubs

Open, with reduced capacity


Exams for remote courses will not be in person
In-person exams for select in-person courses are allowed

Internships (stages)

Allowed, following the public health restrictions and employers’ protocols


Student services


Student ID (ServicePoint)

By appointment only at Service Point or the Macdonald Campus Student Affairs Office

Student Wellness Hub

Mostly remote; open for essential in-person medical services by appointment only.


Dining halls/food service is take-out only

Other student services

Find remote student life resources


General services



Remote services
Library Pick-up Service for materials not available electronically

IT Services

Available remotely

Fitness centres

Recreational fitness activities Check the Athletics & Recreation website for a full list of available activities.

Food Services (non-Residence)

Most outlets are currently closed

Starbucks in Carrefour Sherbrooke is open Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm; Saturday 9:30am-3pm

Mac Shuttle Bus

Book two working days in advance

Staff and student Dental Clinic

Open by appointment only




Staff whose duties require on-campus presence

Come to work

Staff who cannot work from home

Come to work

Staff who can work from home, and whose duties do not require on-campus presence

Work from home




Research – on-campus and off-campus

Research that can be conducted remotely should be done remotely
If research cannot be conducted remotely, it is allowed, with previously approved resumption plans

In-person research with human participants – on and off campus

Some limited research with in-person human participants will be allowed to continue. Learn more here.



Cancelled, including activities organized by student organizations



Only necessary visitors, such as service providers, allowed, with a McGill sponsor


General operations


Building access

Card access only


Deliveries must go through Delivery Hubs

Construction projects


Travel University-sponsored travel is suspended. Exemptions can be granted by Deans and AVPs only for mission-critical time-sensitive travel within Canada.
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