COVID-19 case status

Updated February 25, 2021

This page will be updated every Tuesday with the current status of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported to McGill. The numbers consist only of McGill students and employees who were present on our campuses in the 48 hours prior to the date of testing*. There is no evidence of community transmission on McGill's campuses in the last week**.

Note that this webpage is designed to give members of the McGill community who are physically coming to the University a picture of the situation on our campuses, including possible transmission. The page does not capture case numbers for students and employees who may live in the Greater Montreal Area, but have not been to campus. It also does not capture case numbers in the many students who are studying remotely outside Montreal, Québec and Canada.

If you live in Montreal and are not coming to campus, we encourage you to be aware that cases in Québec are on the rise.

Before coming to our campuses, make sure you review the general health guidelines as well as the guidelines specific to your role (student or employee, including student employees).

Find out what to do if you may have been exposed to COVID-19.



0cases reported on our campuses in the last week



What to do if you have symptoms or receive a diagnosis

Wondering what to do if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or receive a diagnosis? Check the health guidelines that pertain to your role at McGill. Note that student employees are also considered employees for this purpose.

Historical data

The following table shows, in reverse chronological order, the number of reported cases of staff or students on our campuses over time since the start of the pandemic. For each case, the Direction régionale de la santé publique (DRSP) coordinated appropriate follow-up with individuals who may have been potential contacts of those who tested positive.

Time period Total cases on campus Indication of possible transmission on campus**
Feb 14th - 20th 0 No
Feb 7th - Feb 13th 2 No
Jan 31 - Feb 6th 3 Yes
January 24 - 30 9 Yes
January 17 - 23
44 Yes
January 10-16 4 No
January 3-9 0 No
December 27 - January 2 4 Yes
December 20-26 1 No
December 13-19 0 No
December 6-12 5 No
November 29 - December 5 1 No
November 22-28 1 No
November 15-21 1 No
November 8-14 1 No
November 1-7 0 No
October 25-31 1 No
October 18-24 2 No
October 11-17 0 No
October 4-10 3 Yes
September 27 - October 3 5 Yes
September 20-26 5 No
September 13-19 6 No
August 31 - September 12 2 No
August 17-30 1 No
August 3-16 0 No
July 20 - August 2 0 No
July 6-19 0 No
June 22 - July 5 0 No
June 8-21 1 No
May 25 - June 7 0 No
May 11-24 0 No
April 27 - May 10 0 No
April 13-26 0 No
March 30 - April 12 4 No
March 23-29 1 Unknown***



* We are now collecting data for people who had been on campus in the previous 48 hours to follow new Montreal public health guidelines. Previously the reporting period had been seven days. These numbers reflect the cases that are reported to McGill. When the University is informed by public health authorities of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case on campus, the University collaborates with the Direction régionale de la santé publique (DRSP) and initiates strict protocols that may include the isolation of other individuals, and calls for the immediate suspension or closing of study or work areas and buildings. If requested by the DRSP to assist with contact tracing, the University will fully collaborate with the DRSP's efforts. Moreover, should there be a confirmed positive case on campus, the University will adhere to a strict privacy policy that calls for the identities of individuals to be kept confidential.

** There is indication of transmission on our campuses if (i) two or more confirmed cases occur in the same area/class/group over a 14-day period and (ii) these cases are not explainable by another epidemiological origin.

Since the start of the pandemic, the limited instances of community transmission at McGill have occurred in student residences in cases where students were in close contact.

*** At the early stages of the pandemic, transmission of cases was not systematically tracked.

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