Winter 2021: two tiers of academic activities

Academic planning for in-person teaching and learning activities is currently focused on two tiers:

Tier 1: Essential in-person teaching activities (students required to be present on campus)

  • Essential learning activities will be held in person, because they are difficult or impossible to deliver remotely. We are ensuring these activities can be in-person so that students can progress through their degree and not have to delay their graduation.
  • Faculties and departments have already informed students if they need to be present for Tier 1 activities. Students registered in these courses will be required to be present on campus.
  • Examples include some critical laboratories, clinical activities, project courses, and other experiential in-person components of courses, including those required for graduating students. Note that not all laboratory courses will necessarily fall under this category.
  • These activities could be either full courses or portions of courses (e.g., the practical portion of a course could be done in-person, but lectures could continue to be offered remotely).
  • These activities are expected to continue even if McGill is operating under red alert restrictions, unless further public health restrictions are introduced. Many of these types of activities are already taking place in-person during the Fall term and have been permitted to continue under the red alert.

Tier 2: Enhanced in-person teaching activities (students can choose whether or not to be present on campus)

  • All Faculties are planning to offer some components of Tier 2 courses in-person, whether in part or in full, so that students who are in Montreal can attend if they choose to do so.
  • It is not essential to hold these activities in person, but it will give students and instructors an opportunity to engage in face-to-face learning.
  • Students are not required to be on campus for these courses and remote alternatives will be available.
  • Examples of these activities include seminar courses, tutorials, conference sections, perhaps some laboratories activities, or some lectures.
  • Instructors are not going to be asked to prepare their course for remote as well as in-person delivery; rather, the goal is to work to see what components or opportunities exist to offer in-person activities that are mindful of concerns about workload on instructors.
  • In the event that McGill is operating under red alert restrictions at any time during the Winter 2021 term, these in-person activities may have to move online.
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