Adjusted Academic Measures for Winter 2020

The Academic Planning Group has been working closely with all Faculty Deans and other campus partners to support students through this extremely challenging time. Our goal is to support as many students as possible as they work to complete all of their courses this term. The academic measures framework is applicable to students registered in this current Winter 2020 term. This plan has underlying principles of wellness and health, equity and fairness, student success, maintaining high academic standards, trust, flexibility, and is sensitive to the workloads of all members of the McGill community.

Two measures were already announced to the community: The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option will be available to students for many of their courses, and the deadline for Withdrawal from a course in Minerva has been extended to 15 April 2020.

Additionally, students who are unable to complete a final exam this term will either be able to defer, or may receive a grade of “K” for incomplete in place of the standard “J” which equates to a Failure. There will also be more than one Deferred examination period, including an earlier period to ensure graduating students can complete their course before a graduation date in the late spring. Official medical documentation will not be required for the options presented. All students will also receive a special notation on their transcripts for the Winter 2020 term to indicate the extenuating circumstances faced by all.

The implementation of all these measures is still under development, but we invite you to consult the overall framework. Additional information about how these measures will be applied in your Faculty and Program will be forthcoming in the coming days.

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