Fall 2020: Courses will be offered primarily through remote delivery

Regardless of COVID-19 circumstances this September, McGill will be delivering its academic programs and courses throughout the Fall term and we will start our term as scheduled. To allow our students to begin and continue their academic path no matter where they are in September, our courses will be offered primarily through remote delivery platforms. Students and their families can be assured we are planning for robust and high-quality teaching even if the modes of delivery will be modified for this term.

As our situation evolves, and as public health restrictions on social gathering are lifted, we will examine possibilities for on-campus student life and learning activities, which will respect careful safety protocols. These may include activities such as small classroom-based seminars, conferences, tutorials, workshops, or reading groups as well as various campus life and engagement activities. Keeping health and safety as our primordial consideration, we will be actively exploring opportunities that will allow those students who are in Montreal to be able to convene together to learn and to engage socially, given how crucial this is to the university experience. For those students who cannot be in Montreal in the Fall term, we will aim to replicate virtually these activities to allow maximum participation by all.

Our commitment is to allow new students to initiate, and returning students to continue without interruption, their respective program of study principally through remote learning platforms. We are working assiduously to create opportunities for students’ extracurricular engagement – through both formats that are remotely and, when possible and safe, in person – this Fall.

Given all of this, I warmly encourage all students to confirm their acceptances and registrations for Fall 2020. I realize this coming term will be different, but it will be McGill just the same, with all of its academic excellence and strength of community for which our University is known.

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