Update on faculty mobility awards

Given the cancellation of international exchanges and terms away, please be aware that no faculty mobility awards will be granted for the Winter 2021 semester, and need-based ‘mobility for exchange’ bursaries processed for Winter 2021 by the Student Aid Office will be automatically rescinded.

Students may contact student.aid [at] mcgill.ca using the email subject “Mobility for Exchange Bursary W21 – Review Requested” if they have evidence of non-refundable out-of-pocket expenses relating to their Winter 2021 exchange. The email should include:

  • Details of the situation,
  • A list of non-refundable out-of-pocket costs, and
  • Attached receipts proving such.

The Student Aid Office will either confirm their decision for partial bursary reinstatement by email or reach out to schedule a Zoom appointment. Students who re-apply for an exchange in 2021-22 are not guaranteed the same Mobility Bursary amount, as decisions are based on the number of applicants, their relative financial need, and the amount of funding available.

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