Summary of responsibilities in the event of a positive diagnosis

The University’s role

  • Maintain employee confidentiality. Note that an employee who has received a positive test result may choose to share that information with their colleagues. However, the University as an employer is not permitted to do so.
  • Support the employee as needed.
  • Collaborate with the health authorities to provide any information they need to be able to quickly inform people who they consider to be contacts of the infected person.
  • Immediately follow all guidance and directives of the Quebec health authorities.

Quebec health authority’s role

  • Directly contact the person who tested positive.
  • Determine the people who need to self-isolate because of their contact with the infected person and undertake to contact them.
  • Provide guidance and directives to the University as an employer to take any steps necessary to maintain the safety of the workplace.

The Employee’s role

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