Change in Course Schedules (August 9, 2021)

On August 6, the Government of Quebec announced that physical distancing will not be required in classrooms, with certain exceptions for activities such as singing in vocal classes. This will change some aspects of course scheduling:  

  • The course schedule currently posted is based on one-metre distancing. We will update the schedule in the next week or two, so that the schedule reflects no physical distancing. 

  • More classes (approximately 85% of the total) will therefore be in-person. 

  • As we mentioned in earlier emails to instructors and students, courses currently scheduled to be online may switch to in-person. Most classes already scheduled in-person will change rooms. 

  • Instructors whose classes will switch from online to in-person have been notified that the switch to in-person was likely. 

  • We will email instructors and students once the new course schedule is online. 


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