Changes to physical distancing protocols

On August 6, the Government of Quebec announced new COVID-19 guidelines for higher education, which will change McGill’s physical distancing protocols. As of August 16, the following distancing applies: 

Procedural masks are required in all indoor spaces at McGill.

  • No distancing: Physical distancing will not be required in classrooms, with certain exceptions for activities such as singing in vocal classes. Students must wear procedural masks in classrooms and teaching labs at all times.

  • One metre: In common areas, including shared research spaces, laboratories, offices and other workplaces, students and staff should maintain one-metre distance. A procedural mask is required. 

  • The CNESST, the organization that governs workplace standards in Quebec, currently requires that workers in a green alert zone maintain two-metre distancing OR wear a procedural mask OR use a physical barrier. McGill’s one-metre distancing with procedural mask is therefore consistent with CNESST requirements.

  • Two metres:  Two-metre distance is required when eating or drinking, in fitness centres, or when singing or playing woodwind or brass instruments. Procedural masks are strongly encouraged, even when seated and maintaining two-metre distancing.

Read more about physical distancing and masks.  

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