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Upcoming Webinars
VFX trends in Canada: The Next 5 Years - A Conversation with Industry Leaders

Join us for a live interactive webinar to explore the next 5 years of VFX in Canada as experts from across the sector to explore trends, challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Date: July 15, 2021
Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST

Past Webinars
5G and Self-Driving Transport

5G will transform how we live, work and do business. Autonomous transport is one innovation that will see the performance envelope pushed across multiple critical dimensions, but it also brings with it unique political, socio-economic, ethical, and legal challenges.

5G, Health and the Environment

5G represents a significant departure from previous generations of mobile technology. With all the talk largely focused on the massive innovation at scale and speed that this new technology will deliver to the market over the next decade, there nonetheless have been growing concerns over the last few years – some driven by a wide spectrum of misinformation - on the potential health and environmental impacts. These concerns represent “inconvenient” elephants in the room that commercial interests have failed to effectively confront in transparent engagements with the public. Instead, they have been largely ignored.

The Future of Aviation: Reimagining Atlantic Canada

We will explore what lies ahead for Atlantic Canada, a region that has been at the forefront of managing the spread of COVID-19 and may be a top choice for Canadian travellers when domestic travel advisories are lifted.

The Future of Aviation: ICAO’s Vision

International civil aviation is scrambling to return to the skies safely, profitably, and sustainably.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the UN specialized institution responsible for coordinating much of this process. McGill University is delighted to host an interactive webinar with special guest, Juan Carlos Salazar, LLB, LLM (McGill), MPA (Harvard), the Secretary General elect of ICAO. During the event, Mr. Salazar will discuss his vision of ICAO’s role in navigating civil aviation to a new normal into the future and take questions from audience participants.

5G for Investors and Entrepreneurs

Led by John Nikolopoulos, a Mobile/IoT/5G/Cloud/Telecom/IT global technology/consulting executive with 25+ years in senior leadership business/technology roles, this webinar will provide much-needed answers how to prepare for and capitalize on opportunities brought by the 5G wave.


Sell Like A Pro in a Virtual World

During this free webinar, author of How to Sell The Wise Way, Robert Wise, will offer an introduction to selling in a virtual world, with tools, tips and techniques to tailored to digital B2B commerce.

Why Learn Python?

Led former Google Software Engineer and McGill SCS Faculty Lecturer and Program Coordinator for IT programs, Jacques Le Normand, MBA, this interactive webinar will explore the various uses and applications of Python, key industries driving Python’s growth, and the emerging career opportunities for qualified Python programmers.

A Day in the Life of A Web Developer: A Discussion with Industry Pros

To help aspiring developers get answers to their toughest questions, we’re hosting “A Day in the Life of A Web Developer”. Hear from experienced developers from across sectors as they share stories, insights, tips and more about the profession – how they became developers, what they’ve learned along the way, where the opportunities are and what you need to know to succeed. 

Navigating Crisis and the Future of Aviation Management: Success Stories from SCS Alumni

The global aviation industry is one of the biggest victims of the worldwide pandemic of 2020. But is the industry dead, or does it have a future in a post-COVID 19 world?

During this interactive session, we will explore the future of the commercial aviation industry in a discussion with professionals from organizations such as Airbus, Air Canada, Lillium, and Meituan. The Webinar panelists are all alumni of McGill’s Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management who have managed to weather the COVID storm and remain employed despite the odds. They will share their stories and provide insights on the changes, challenges and opportunities to come in this rapidly transforming industry.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Is Now the Right Time to Change Your Software?

Changing an ERP is always a significant undertaking. It's hard to know the right time to do it. Over the last few months, organizations which replaced their systems in recent years have realized the benefits of having remote access, mobile-friendly interfaces and built-in artificial intelligence. Are your systems telling you it’s time to do the same?

Software Patents for AI & ML Technologies

Have you ever wondered whether software is patentable, what aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) implementations are patentable, and who might be very active in patenting in that space? This webinar will explore how to patent computer-implemented (i.e., software) inventions in the US and Canada, as well as provide a global perspective on AI patent filing trends and explore aspects of an intellectual property (IP) strategy for AI/ML technologies, such as maintaining trade secrets versus patenting. If you are a researcher or an entrepreneur in AI/ML, you should attend this webinar.

Building and Publishing a Website

During the session, former Google Software Engineer and Faculty Lecturer, Jacques Le Normand, will guide you through the process of building and publishing a website. You will learn what HTML and CSS are, why they’re so important, and how you can use them to create content for the web. You will also learn to use the free web publishing platform Glitch letting you publish your webpage and share with anyone.

Discover the Entertainment Barometer

In April 2020, Habo – a strategic studio with a strong expertise in the creative and entertainment industries – launched the first edition of the Entertainment Barometer, followed by a second edition in early June 2020. This longitudinal study analyzes the evolution of the attitude of entertainment consumers in Quebec in times of COVID-19. It shows how consumer concerns and purchase intentions evolve month after month, and what strategies, attractions and events can be put in place to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their activities.

In this webinar, Florent Bayle-Labouré (Co-founder of Habo) will share the highlights of this study and shed the light on key findings and recommendations. He will also discuss the monetization potential of online events as an alternative source of revenues for artists and producers.

Privacy and Data Protection in the US

This session provides an overview of the American approach to data protection. It focuses mostly on federal legislation applicable to the private sector but will also briefly discuss the California Consumer Privacy Act and other significant state legislation.

Privacy and Data Protection in the EU

This session will focus on the GDPR, its structure, the rights it creates and the various enforcement mechanisms it proposes. It will also discuss some of the most recent and influential decisions that have been rendered by national data protection authorities.

Privacy and Data Protection in the Health Sector

This session will discuss the effect of Canada’s federal governmental structure on data protection and some of the special rules that apply to the health care sector.

Privacy and Data Protection in Canada

This session will introduce the privacy principles upon which public and private sector data protection laws are based in Canada.

Pandemic Risk Management vs. Realistic Enterprise Risk Management

Pandemic Risk has no boundaries in time or scope. Usually, the economic systems are shutdown and governments are in charge till the health authorities and experts agree to reopen them.

In the meantime, what is the best approach to ensure financial and operational resilience?

AI, Blockchain and Data Protection

This session discusses AI and Blockchain in the light of existing data protection legislation and the principles upon which it is based. It reviews the challenges posed by this technology and suggests some paths that companies using this technology could follow so as to comply with the law.

Leading in Uncertain Times

An online discussion where we will explore what it takes to lead with courage during chaotic times. We will dive into the interactive leadership model, describe situation variables and identify what leaders can do to effectively lead within the chaos that currently surrounds us. Then, we will explore the impact of chronic anxiety and social isolation on the brain, the importance of our beliefs on our mental and physical health, and taking control of our mental well-being. This talk will be led by Dr. Robert E. Saggers, an educator, coach and management consultant with over 25 years of experience in organizational learning and leadership development, and Robert Paris, a pioneer in using neuroscience-supported tools and processes that challenge current management practices.

Negotiating for Employment: Jobs and Job Offers During A Crisis

As the effects of the COVID-19 crisis continue to spread throughout the world, millions of people have filed for unemployment, lost potential job opportunities and even internships critical to their career path. If you are now in a position to negotiate a new job offer or your existing employment contract, please join our speaker to receive guidance on how to approach these types of negotiations in our uncertain times.

Nonflict: The Art of Everyday Peacemaking

Learn how to use the “Nonflict” way to resolve your conflicts at home, work, in your communities and the world! Over 230,000 people trained with over 9 million people impacted positively in only 5 years.

Turning Fear into Productive Action

In the middle of a crisis, it’s tempting for leaders to jump to rational solutions – but our brain cannot function rationally before we solve one emotional problem: FEAR

To solve this challenge, Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, known as "The Reinvention Guru", has put together an exercise that allows you, your team, your clients or your family to:

  1. Become aware of the emotions that might still be tacit – and honor them
  2. Work with those emotions to focus and prioritize possible responses
  3. Organize meaningful action
It's Time to Reinvent: Discover and Plan your Living Legacy

Are you lacking direction, clarity and engagement in your work or studies? The changes in life and society got you down? Get back on track with a proven system to help you RISE. Learn an award-winning process that helps emerging leaders prosper and inspires those who are looking for the courage to emerge as a leader. 

Following this webinar, you should be able to:

  1. Define the importance of having a living legacy.
  2. Develop a learning plan to live your purpose.
Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been stressful for many of us. In such an unprecedented situation, our fear and anxiety can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, research has shown that constant stress and anxiety can wear down our immune systems, and the last thing we need at the moment is a weakened immune system.

If you'd like to learn strategies to maintain your mental wellness during the pandemic, then this online webinar is for you. It will also introduce guided relaxation techniques to help you relax your body so you can better manage anxiety.

Negotiating with Peers and Family in Quarantine

When quarantined in close quarters with peers and family, tensions can quickly mount, leading to stress and interpersonal conflict. So how can you keep your cool, settle differences effectively and ensure good working and family relationships throughout this unique period? 

In this webinar, you will learn key negotiating strategies and techniques to quickly identify the source of conflicts, intervene promptly and effectively to smooth out tensions to enjoy respectful and supportive relationships.

How to Manage a Newly Remote Work Team During Coronavirus

Effective remote working teams don't just require the right technology—they require the right leadership.

With an unprecedented number of employees now working remotely, managers are facing new challenges when it comes to supporting and staying connected newly remote workforce. This webinar will explore short- and long-term strategies to effectively manage your team remotely.

Coronavirus Double Duty: Managing Work and Kids

The stress of juggling childrearing responsibilities during the current pandemic and keeping with the demands of work is taking a toll on many parents’ personal and professional lives. This webinar will provide solution-focused strategies for parents on how to achieve a successful work-life balance during these challenging times.

Leaders Inspiring Hope in a Time of Crisis

Without doubt, we are living in a VUCA world - volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. We are all impacted by worry, fear, and uncertainty.

Hope, inspiration, trust, and resilience are the most defining elements in a time of crisis.During this talk, Dr. Zina Suissa will discuss the strategies leaders can use to fuel hope, inspiration, and, most importantly, resilience.

Working from Home: How to Effectively Manage your Workday

Effective time management and staying focused is essential if you want to continue hitting your deadlines when you're working from home. Learn how to prioritize and organize to avoid procrastinating or losing focus by "switch-tasking" and add an extra layer of structure to your day.

This webinar will also help you to reduce distractions and recurring interruptions. You will learn how multitasking negatively affects your productivity as well as ways to break overwhelming projects into manageable pieces.

The Future of Aviation: A Conversation with Industry Leaders

During this panel discussion, aviation leaders from across sectors will explore the future of this complex field, sharing perspectives and insights on what we can expect to change, obstacles we need to prepare for, and exciting opportunities to come.

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