Waiver form for French Language Course

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Students who have no knowledge of French can complete this waiver form attesting that they are real beginners. Students who decide to submit the waiver after having read the following learning profile will be exempted from the Entrance Placement Test and will be registered to the beginner level course.

Learner Profile:

  • Oral comprehension (listening)
    I have no oral comprehension in French or can understand a few isolated words.
  • Oral expression (speaking)
    I am unable to speak French or can say a few isolated words.
  • Written comprehension (reading)
    I have no reading comprehension or can read a few isolated words.
  • Global competence
    I have no knowledge (or an extremely limited knowledge) of French.


I have read the above profile and believe that I am a Beginner student. I understand that the instructor will re-evaluate my competence at the beginning of term and may recommend a transfer to another level.

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