Teaching Awards

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Teaching Awards

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SCS Award for Distinguished Teaching (Winter 2020)

Every year at Spring Convocation, the School of Continuing Studies honours one or more of its instructors with an Award for Distinguished Teaching. The School presented its first Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1993. Our goal was, and remains, to recognize teachers who embody the highest attributes of the teaching profession.

For this award, the School wishes to honour teachers who


  • motivate, stimulate, and inspire their students;
  • value and build on their students’ existing knowledge and competencies;
  • are passionate about supporting students’ learning;
  • are responsive to requests for guidance;
  • help students develop autonomy in the learning process;
  • provide encouragement and a sense of accomplishment notwithstanding the difficulty of any given assignment or course;
  • consistently demonstrate their currency and expertise in the subject matter or field;
  • present material in compelling or innovative ways;
  • relate course content to learners’ experiences outside the classroom;
  • inspire students to commit themselves to becoming life-long learners;
  • foster an inclusive learning environment; and
  • are at all times professional and respectful.



The School relies on students like you to identify teachers who exemplify these qualities and values.




Nominations are now being accepted

for the 2020 Award for Distinguished Teaching


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A NOMINATION: Friday, February 28th, 2020



1. Eligibility to Nominate



(a) Nominations are accepted from students who completed courses in the following semesters:

  • Winter 2019
  • Spring/Summer 2019
  • Fall 2019


(b) Students may nominate only one instructor.



2. Eligibility of Nominees


(a) Nominees must have taught one or more courses administered by the School of Continuing Studies in one or more of the following semesters:


  • Winter 2019
  • Spring/Summer 2019
  • Fall 2019


(b) Nominees may be either full-time Faculty Lecturers or part-time Course Lecturers.


(c) Nominees must have been teaching at the School of Continuing Studies for a minimum of three (3) years.


(d) An instructor who has received the award in the last five (5) years is NOT ELIGIBLE for the W2020 award (see the list of previous winners below).



3. Nomination Procedure


(a) Nominations must be presented in the format described below and sent as an email attachment to scsteachingaward [at] mcgill.ca by Friday, February 28th, 2020. Please put “SCS Teaching Award 2020” in the subject line.


(a) The following information must be provided:


  • name of instructor;
  • subject code and title of course;
  • semester in which the course was offered;
  • nominating student’s name, McGill ID number, and McGill email address; and
  • a written statement of no more than 200 words providing reasons for the nomination.

Past Recipients of the Award for Distinguished Teaching


Robert William Abbott

Katherine Marie Malo


Dr. Diane Dechief

Jeffrey Sacksner


Dr. Zachary Abram

Georges Bryson 


Helle-Mai Lenk
Joseph N. Armanious


Bruce Manson


Andrew Churchill
Erin Reid
Robert Saggers


Carolyn Samuel
Leanna Turner
Chantal Westgate


Jocelyne Philie
Maria Eduarda Nunes


Manon Gadbois
Leo Kerklaan


Raad Jassim
Dr. Eric Dupont

2010  Julia Mercuri-Albisi

Grant Brown


Zina Suissa
Bruce Manson


Lloyd Bartlett
Dr. Daniel Zamorano


Tomasz Maciej Kiczka


Kenneth Matziorinis


Ina Diéguez


Sharron Dorothy Wall


Amparo Garavito


Charles Roth


Latchmy Narine


Wajeeh Elali
Marie Melenca


Marie-Claude Beauchamp


Sheldon Deitcher


Margaret Kumor-Wysocka


Joyce Cunningham


Kevin Callahan


Manuel Mendonça


Arshad Ahmad
Ronald Charow
Edward Heft
Kenneth Matziorinis
Craig Morrison
Maria Nunes
Charles Roth
Jeffrey Schwartz
Vasu Seshadri
Albert Teitlebaum

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