Make YOUR vote count!
McGill’s Association of Continuing Education Students
MACES is presently, asking you an important question by VOTE! All currently enrolled students are asked to participate. Since the VOTE affects alumni as well, if you are approaching your graduation date, please participate. The online referendum vote is taking place March 18 – 29, 2019.

Students Association

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Our Services
Study Room

The study room is designed for group and individual work, fondly known as the Kiwi Room. It is a great space to study, wait until class starts or get to work on an assignment or group project.

Computer Lab

The state-of-the-art computer lab is equipped with Mac and Windows computers. It is a quiet area hence it is destined for those who wish to have a quiet place to study. A McGill UPrint copier and printer is also installed here for your convenience.

Conference Room Booking

The conference room is equipped with a widescreen TV so it is ideal for groups to practice their presentations. Use of the conference room is free of charge but by reservation only for max. 3 hours/day. To book a room, click here.


The lounge is a comfortable space for students to take a break, heat their lunches in the microwave, and watch cable TV. Coffee and tea is also available for only $1. See the lab attendant on the 2nd floor for the wide assortment of choices.

Creative Workshops

We organize Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator workshops that provide a great opportunity for students to boost their creativity. The 4 weeks long courses are offered in every academic year for a discounted price. 

Microsoft Office Courses

MACES offers Microsoft Word & Excel courses at a beginner to intermediate level on a regular basis. The 4 weeks long courses are offered for a discounted price for all MACES members. 

Event Sponsorship Program

Are you planning an event for your fellow students? It is now possible to get your event sponsored by MACES! Please follow this link to download the Sponsorship Application Form or vpsocial.maces [at] (email us) for more information.

Textbook Library

MACES is creating an in-house library of all course textbooks. This will allow students to come and use the textbooks they need! If you would like to donate your used textbooks, please drop them off at the MACES building on the 2nd floor!

Health & Dental Plan

As a result of a referendum conducted in March 2017, during which continuing education students voted in favor of introducing a student Health & Dental plan, MACES is implementing a comprehensive package of health and dental benefits available for its members to fill the gaps left by provincial or international health care coverages.