Registration in Graduate and Part-Time Language Courses

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If you want to register for a graduate course as an independent (special) student, you must:

  • Hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • Meet language proficiency requirements (link to new content]
  • Satisfy any other academic criteria that may apply
  • Present all legal documents [link to new content] required by the school

You must present the following documents prior to registration as proof of holding a university degree:

  • A University transcript confirming the completion of the degree
  • A letter from the issuing university confirming your expected completion date (if your degree has not yet been granted)

If you earned your degree outside of Canada, and the transcript is neither in French or English, you will be required to provide an official, certified translation.

If you received your degree from an educational institution outside of Canada, you may also need to present an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec from Immigration Quebec.

If you’re registering for graduate-level courses for the first time at the School, you may need to consult an advisor prior to registration. See Advising Services for more information.

If you hold a degree from a university outside of Canada, we strongly encourage you to apply online for the program of your choice prior to your registration appointment and upload all the required documents so that we can review your file. This will avoid long wait times and facilitate your registration.

Once you have uploaded your documents, please call 514-398-6200 for registration information.

Several graduate courses are not available for independent (special) student registration, as they are program-specific and restricted to students in a program.

For information regarding exemptions for mathematics or statistics, see Mathematics Requirements.


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