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Geared for impact across Africa.

The goal of the McGill Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Transitions Project is to facilitate the Scholars’ successful transition from student to the workforce with a specific focus on roles and initiatives geared for impact across Africa, and building on McGill University’s existing MCF Scholars Program. In collaboration with Career Advising & Transition Services (CATS) from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, the MCF Transitions Project is working to develop global networks with partners, both local and abroad, to provide transformative experiential learning opportunities through internships and projects that offer applied experiences through entrepreneurship, community development, or policymaking efforts in Africa and globally. The MCF Transitions Project is also designed to support Scholars' transitions through robust skill-building and professional development training and support.

This page summarizes exclusive internship and collaborative project opportunities available through the McGill MCF Transitions project for Scholar/Alum consideration.


The MCF Internship Award

MCF Scholars/Alums who are successfully placed in internships through the McGill MCF Transitions Project are paid an MCF Internship Award for their full-time or part-time internship.

You are required to participate in the McGill MCF-TP Internship onboarding Modules in order to be eligible to partake in the McGill MCF-TP internships. Please register for the upcoming information and onboarding session. Important updates regarding the opportunities and application processes will be discussed. 


How to Apply

The internship application form for Fall 2022 will open on July 27, 2022 and close on August 10, 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

McGill Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Transitions Project Internship Postings

(I) Project Assistant Intern  | (ii) Web Developer Intern

The roles will involve three (3) Project Assistants one (1) each to carry out similar activities for the three (3) partner institutions in Ghana namely Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Koforidua Technical Institute (KTU), Koforidua, University of Environment & Sustainable Development (UESD). 

There is also an additional role for the position of Web Developer Intern who will work on creating websites dedicated to collaborations between McGill Food Science and the three (3) institutions listed above

McGill Career, Advising and Transition Services (CATS)
(I) Project and Research Coordinator Intern
(II) Communications & Engagement Coordinator Intern

The Project and Research Coordinator will conduct research on the latest trends in career and student success services to help the unit enhance its work and offer the best service offering in the industry. The Communications and Engagement Coordinator will help the unit enhance its engagement with its current audiences and help to grow its online community. 

Montréal – Métropole en santé - Project Assistant Intern (s)

Montréal – Métropole en santé (MMS) is a network of over 350 partners who collaborate to create environments conducive to healthy living in Montréal. MMS is composed of two networks. The Système alimentaire montréalais, (SAM) is coordinated by a food policy council, aims to ensure access to healthy, affordable, diverse, sustainable and local food. Montréal physiquement active (MPA) is a network focused on promoting physical activity for all segments of the population. Both networks pay special attention to the issues related to their areas of expertise and the social inequalities of health.

  • A total of six (6) internship placements

ARESS S.A.S - Intern, Technician 

ARESS, historically created in Benin, has been developing certified and competitive sustainable energy solutions in West Africa for residential and professional use in urban and rural areas for 10 years. With its constantly innovating solutions, ARESS now serves more than 50,000 customers by offering them payment facilities, a guarantee and unprecedented assistance. The Intern, Technician perform diverse operations such as installation, control, maintenance, adjustment, cleaning and repair of installations and machines.

Ho Technical University (HTU) - Project Assistant Intern (s)

The Baobab Project at HTU is in its latest stage of research and will be set for commercialization. The Project team is looking for a Project Assistant intern who will be responsible to handle the listed internship tasks, provide support, and facilitate coordination of the research findings and its usage in the commercialization and farmers search stage. For the Food Science and Technology internship, the intern will perform research and produce reports of findings to aid in decision making about the importance of T. tetraptera polyphenols for various usage.

Professional and Communications Education - PowerSkills Event Coordinator Intern

The School of Continuing Studies will be hosting the PowerSkills summit for the fourth time in winter 2023. PowerSkills is a career and industry event that brings together thousands of students and professionals from around the globe to participate dynamic series of keynote addresses, workshops, webinars, panel discussions and café chats featuring powerhouse speakers.

Wootan Group - Full-stack web developer Intern

Driven by a context of profound transformation of companies in Benin and in the world, Wootan Group desire to combine, for all his stakeholders, an ambitious development policy with a committed approach for a sustainable digital world. The intern will develop web applications for customers of diverse sectors and adapt to their different requirements. Apart from web development skills, the intern will also benefit from an immersion in teamwork and the application of agile methods in real life.

Ahegel Technologies Ltd. - Software Developer Intern

Ahegel is a technology and consultancy startup that provides Enterprise Solutions and Digital Transformations for customers and organizations. We are seeking a talented and motivated programmer with a strong desire to be part of the team and build quality products. The intern will perform front-end development tasks. For this role, the intern will work remotely under the supervision of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on a telehealth platform originating from a community-based initiative.   

ShEquity - Project Coordinator Intern

ShEquity is looking for someone to support its SHEBA program in West Africa. Every year, ShEquity launches a call for application inviting West African female entrepreneurs/innovators with impactful and scalable business to apply. 30 qualifying entrepreneurs are selected and invited to participate in 16 weeks structured program. 

Rwanda Pediatric Association Internship - Research and Project Assistant Intern

Rwanda Paediatric Association (RPA) is a non-profit organization registered with the Government of Rwanda. It brings together all pediatricians working in Rwanda, thereby bringing them under a forum to promote the betterment of pediatric practice in Rwanda. The intern will support RPA in a research with the aim of evaluating the impact of the program, he/she will support in data analysis and reporting of evidence to inform policy makers and the Ministry of Health.

MotherFood International - Marketing Associate Intern 

MotherFood International is a social enterprise that supports women's nutrition as one of the interventions with greater social return on investment. As a non-profit product development platform, we bring business, nutrition, and food experts together to develop and increase the availability of fortified snacks for women. The intern will help with the execution of the current projects in Colombia and Ghana, with a special focus on food marketing and business development tasks.

McGill University - Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) Internship

The Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) is part of the University’s commitment to address current and major societal challenges including promoting sustainable food systems and feeding a growing population within climate change. The intern will work to support McGill University, the Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) team in coordinating and facilitating activities related to events, webpage updates, and developing strategy efforts.

Hope For Cameroon
(I) Grant Coordinator Intern 
(II) Social Media Manager Intern

The Hope for Cameroon (HfC) is a registered apolitical and non- governmental organization (NGO), located in Montreal, Canada and Douala, Cameroon, that aims to improve the livelihoods of internally displaced persons – particularly women and children who are victims of the Anglophone crisis. The Grant Coordinator Intern may work remotely and report to the Program Manager and Board of Directors. The Social Media Manager Intern who will be responsible for increasing HfC’s brand awareness. 

The Square Alumni Foundation - Project Coordinator Intern

The Square Alumni Foundation is a charity organization that supports pharmacy education in sub-Saharan Africa. The intern would work with the Square Alumni Foundation founder and the member of McGill faculty, assisting with the management of the Square Academy e-learning program. 


This position may convert to a job position.


Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU)
(I)  Entrepreneurship Coordinator Intern
(II) Grants Writer Intern

As a Technical University (TU), BTU aims at providing higher education in engineering, science and technology-based disciplines, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), applied arts, and related disciplines. The role of the Entrepreneurship Coordinator Intern is to assist in the set-up of an Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre; coordinate, and train staff to manage the centre. For the Grants Writer Internship, The intern is responsible for assisting University’s Grants Committee to find funding opportunities from various sources, both in-country and abroad. 

Nourishing Africa
(i)  Project Development Intern
(ii) Business Development Intern

Nourishing Africa is a social enterprise focused on supporting African agriculture and food entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by providing resources, tools, and opportunities to bridge critical knowledge and capacity gaps in the entrepreneurial landscape. The organization's activities cut across business development, capacity building, technical assistance facilitation, and program implementation. 

Société cooperative ADONAÏ - Operation Manager Intern 

The cooperative society ADONAÏ is a company specializing in fish farming with diverse fish farming projects. Our mission is to make fish from fish farming accessible to the population. Our vision is to give another face to the Beninese aquaculture, and we aim to put on the market at least 500 kg of fresh merchant fish. The Operation Manager Intern will perform management of operations and sales management.

African Alliance - Research Intern 

The African Alliance is staffed by a 100% African team, with a skill set that spans advocacy, research, evaluation, strategy and media. It works closely with a wide range of non-profit organisations in a network that, while rooted in the local, is connected to and visible in national, regional, and global action. The intern will provide research support to African Alliance focused on its current COVID-19 vaccine equity work amongst African Union member states.

Nature Specialty Foods
(I) Project Assistant Intern
(II) Web developer / Social Media Intern

Nature Specialty Foods successfully registered in October 2019, as a legal food producing company in Ghana. The company produces Nature’s Yoghurt (strawberry & vanilla flavors) mainly from locally produced fresh cow milk. Nature Specialty Foods was a finalist at the Ghana 2019 Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC), sponsored by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Sight and Life Foundation, and McGill University.

Food Bundles - Front-End Developer Intern

Food Bundles is an Agri-tech startup. We are building digital solutions designed to optimize fresh food distribution, sold in bundles, to consumers in cities using low resource technology. By digitizing the supply chain, Food Bundles creates a transparent, resilient, and sustainable market for smallholders. We are looking for a Front-End Web Developer who is motivated to combine the-art-of-design with the-art-of-programming. 

We Got Your Back Rwanda, WGYB - Research and Development Intern

We Got Your Back (WGYB) Rwanda is a Rwandan Non-Governmental Organization initiated by young individuals who themselves faced gender inequalities and human rights violations in the neighborhoods they grew up in. The intern will assist in the daily activities of the organization set out by various teams such as research, data collection, capacity building, and community mobilization. 

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