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Career Lab

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Career, Advising, and Transition Services (CATS) is pleased to launch the very first of its kind, Career Lab, a peer development network, led by student and alumni volunteers. 

We are seeking Career Lab leaders to join the Career Lab! We are looking for leaders whose values are aligned with CATS’ mission of empowering a community of dynamic professionals. The network’s purpose is to adopt a community approach to create a vibrant learning and sharing environment that is inclusive and inspired, as well as offers valuable opportunities for self-reflection, advice, support, informed decision-making and strategic action.

This is an initiative that is aligned with CATS’ EDI statement in “bolstering and celebrating student diversity, striving to provide equitable support and access to opportunities, and promoting a respectful and inclusive learning experience for all students.” CATS actively and intentionally creates, supports, and maintains a learning and sharing environment and culture.


The Career Lab: Explained

This network will support current students and alumni to gain specific career-related expertise aligned with SCS programs and courses. It particularly promotes highly sought-after power (soft) skills by employers, such as: effective communication, team work, adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, persuasion, collaboration, emotional intelligence, public speaking, and more.


What is the role of Career Lab leaders?

Leaders will use their expertise and will be provided with training tools and resources (by the CATS team) so that no matter where they are in their job search or career development journey, these resources are brought to life in the spaces where they are employed.

In the spirit of creating a supportive peer growth community, all Career Lab Leaders will animate the LinkedIn community to manage community conversations and resources. In addition to this activity, all leaders will lead one other initiative of their choice from the list below. Please note, all events will take place on the Ten Thousand Coffees platform, in the McGill SCSConnect Hub. Learn more about McGill SCSConnect.


Is the Career Lab program for You?

  • In addition to having specific lived experience to share with other peers, do you have what it takes to inspire, and uplift others, especially during these challenging times?
  • Are you passionate about sharing the skills, attitudes and behaviours that have helped you to successfully transition in their career - whether that involves your first career opportunity, your career transition, or career growth?
  • Do you want to grow your leadership skills, while lifting others up, in ways that make sense in the professional environment that you’re in? There's no one size fits all approach, instead, we're looking for leaders who motivate in creative and unique ways.

Lead an Online Learning Circle

The Leader will direct 1-3 meetings with students in the program to create a co-learning experience, share knowledge, have an open dialogue and share profound reflection about resources and strategies related to job search, career transition and growth related to their area of expertise.

Facilitate Industry Related Workshop

Leaders share specific industry-related job search and career growth resources and strategies in a workshop-style format.

Topic ideas can include, but are not limited to: resume review, interviewing support and practice and networking strategies for specific roles and industries.

Mini-TED Talk

Inspired by the TED ideas worth spreading initiative, the goal would be to present on a topic in 18 minutes or less.

Leaders will present topic related to their area of expertise through a captivating and engaging approach.

Content Creator

Leaders have the option to either:
  1. Contribute (1 to 3) articles on topics related to their expertise of choice in the CATS Corner newsletter; or
  2. Contribute to the CATS digital content projects
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Upon completion of the program, Career Lab participants receive a LinkedIn recommendation/skill endorsements and LinkedIn badge.

Interested in joining the network as a peer? Read about eligibility requirements and complete this application form.

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