MACES Legal Protection Program

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As of Sept. 1, 2021, the Legal Protection Program will offer unlimited access to a legal consultation service to consult a duly certified lawyer in your province of study regarding any legal question via a toll-free legal assistance helpline. It will also include further counsel should you qualify for legal representation.

Program services will be provided by members in good standing of the Barreau du Québec.


The Legal Protection Program will provide you with:

  • Legal assistance helpline: unlimited access to a helpline through which to consult a lawyer on any legal question to obtain legal guidance, opinion, and advice
  • Legal representation: a lawyer would take charge of proceedings related to housing, employment, academic, small claims, civil mediation, and human rights disputes
  • Lawyers’ fees would be unlimited in the areas of disputes covered by the Program


Legal Services

Housing Dispute

Legal expenses arising from a dispute over a housing lease, such as a disputed rent increase, an illegal eviction, or a breach of a condition in the lease.

Employment Dispute

Legal expenses arising from a dispute with a current or future employment contract, with respect to labour standards for grievances not covered by a union or government agency, notably the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail. Disputes related to occupational health and safety issues are not included.

Dispute With An Academic Institution

Legal expenses in the event of a dispute with an academic institution. This excludes cases related to sexual misconduct or a criminal act.

Small Claims Support

Assistance to prepare a statement of claim or a defence before the Small Claims Court of the Court of Quebec, including advice on rules of conduct for appearing before the Court. Legal fees are not included for a defence or for applications to the Small Claims Court.

Human Rights Dispute

Legal expenses in the event of a dispute in which fundamental rights under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms or the Canadian Human Rights Act are violated (for grievances not covered by a government agency).

Civil Mediation

A one-hour mediation session with an accredited mediator, in person or at a distance, to resolve a dispute between individuals. This increases the chances of settling the dispute quickly and at a lower cost.


Legal Representation

  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Legal expenses: court fees, attendance fees, and witness expenses
  • Experts’ fees up to a maximum of $1,000 (excluding taxes)


Toll-Free Legal Assistance Helpline (Available Sept. 1)

The helpline will provide quick access to legal counselling on any area of law, including criminal law.



Visit in September 2021 for eligibility details and more.


Change of Coverage 

The Change of Coverage Period for the MACES Legal Protection program is August 23 – September 29. You can opt-out online during that time. To find out how to opt-out please visit the Studentcare website here.

Should you have any questions please contact Studentcare, Care Centre, the provider, directly at 514-789-8760, Mon. - Fri. from 9 am to 5 pm.

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