Giovanni Di Girolamo

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Degree Certifications:

B.A., D.S.A., F.B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Academic Unit

Career and Professional Development


Giovanni Di Girolamo is a Professional Management Consultant, who also teaches Sales and Sales Management at HEC (University of Montreal’s Business School), as well as at McGill University. Over the years, Mr. Di Girolamo has been interested in the effective management of a sales force. His approach, which is also the subject of his Doctoral Thesis is that when given output goals, salespeople may not have any idea as how to go about achieving objectives. Consequently, motivation may be low and achievement less than expected. On the other hand, when salespeople are given input goals, such as the number of visits to be made, they concentrate on the process instead of the end results. As these much smaller steps appear to be more easily achievable, motivation is higher and results are greater. Mr. Di Girolamo has cumulated over thirty years of sales and sales management experience at Canadelle (Wonder Bra), Metro-Graphique, Lumec, as well as at Agropur (Fine Cheese Division). Furthermore, in his Management Consulting Practice, Mr. Di Girolamo has worked with over one hundred companies, from a variety of industries where he has implemented sales structures and infrastructures, trained and coached sales managers, as well as sales reps.

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