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Supporting Documents

Your application will not be processed until all required supporting documentation has been received by the School of Continuing Studies. Please check Minerva to verify whether we have received your supporting documents – we update this information regularly as documents are received.

In general, students applying to an undergraduate program will need to provide the following supporting documents as part of their application:


  • If you have studied in the province of Quebec, your CEGEP transcript is transmitted to the School electronically as long as you provide your Permanent Code through the online application process.
  • If you have studied at an educational institution outside of Quebec but within Canada, you need to provide a copy of your high school transcript.
  • If you have studied at an international education institution, we may ask you to provide a copy of your transcript in certain cases.

Other documents:

  • Two pieces of valid ID, such as a birth certificate, passport or Canadian citizenship card (copy of both sides)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (for Career and Professional Development only – see Language Policy)

After you are admitted to a program, you will need to submit certain legal documents before you can register for courses. These legal documents will also determine your tuition rates. For more information, see Legal Documents.

Students who have studied at McGill

Students who have completed studies at McGill do not need to submit an official transcript. However, they must submit any other required supporting documentation.

Advanced Standing

If you are seeking advanced standing in your program, you will need to submit a Advanced Standing: Credit/Exemption Request Form along with all required supporting documents.
For more information, see Advanced Standing.

Exemption by Examination (for Career and Professional Development only)

Students admitted to a certificate or diploma program requiring a prerequisite or corequisite course must show proof that they have taken an equivalent course elsewhere or successfully pass the Exemption by Examination test. Otherwise they must register for the course.
For more information, see Exemption by Examination.

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