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Advising Services

    How to Use Advising Services

    General Advising
    Client Services
    staff can provide general advising on School policies, course fees, admissions and registration requirements. Come see us during regular business hours. If necessary, we can set up an appointment with an individual adviser.

    Make sure you contact Client Services for assistance well ahead of admission deadlines and registration peak periods, as advising wait times may be longer during those times.
    Peak periods are as follows:

    • 3 weeks before application deadlines
    • 2 weeks before class start dates
    • 1 week after course start dates

    For more information about application deadlines, see the Apply section.

    General Advising by Email
    If you have general questions regarding policies and procedures, course fees, registration and admissions requirements, you can contact us by info.conted [at] (email).
    If you have submitted your application for admission to a program, have logged into Minerva to review your application details and still have questions, please contact admissions.conted [at] (Admissions).

    Consulting an Adviser
    The advising process is an important part of offering students the best education available. Planning your course of studies properly is a key to achieving success.

    SCS advisers provide a variety of services to students, including:

    • general guidance related to your field of interest
    • guidance on choosing programs and courses, program requirements, prerequisite and corequisite requirements, credit and exemption policies, planning your credit load and deadlines
    • support and referrals for managing your academic situation during periods of personal, financial or medical difficulty
    • evaluation of requests for approval of inter-university transfer credits
    • assistance for international students in cases where their Study Plan needs to be revised
    • acting as your direct link to other University resources

    After you have consulted our website, for more complex questions about program or course requirements, scheduling or academic regulations, or any of the items listed above, please contact: mary.rubiano [at] (Mary Rubiano) or robert.guirguis [at] (Robert Guirguis), to make an appointment.

    Contact us well in advance of busy registration and admission periods so that advisers can better assist you.

    Requests for appointments with an adviser will be acknowledged within 3-5 business days (during non-peak registration and admissions periods).

    Please note that while advisers and staff provide advice and guidance, you have ultimate responsibility for:

    • the completeness and accuracy of your course selection and registration
    • compliance with the program and course requirements
    • observance of the regulations and deadlines set by the School of Continuing Studies

    Advising Office Hours

    Advising Services are available 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

    Client Services – Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Advisors
    info.conted [at]

    Translation and Written Communication
    Bryan Jim: 514-398-1484
    bryan.jim [at]

    English and French Language Programs
    France Bruneau: 514-398-7514
    france.bruneau [at]

    Intensive Language Programs
    christa.grant [at]

    * International students interested in full-time intensive English and French programs can use Skype. All Skype calls are forwarded to our telephone line. Please note that it takes approximately 30 seconds before the connection is established. To speak to the intensive language program adviser, sign in to your Skype account and search for the contact 'McGill.intensive'. Once you have added us as a contact, simply click on the call button.

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