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Graduate Certificate in Legal Translation

Set yourself apart in the legal and business communities with specialized skills in legal translation.


The Graduate Certificate in Legal Translation is a 15-credit, graduate-level program designed to equip students and working professionals in the legal and business communities with specialized training to enrich their current portfolio or to prepare for work in both the public and private sectors in the areas of legal translation (English to French and French To English) and revision, (co)writing of legal texts, and/or consultancy in legal aspects of language in multiple professional settings. Courses focus on principles and practices encountered in jurilinguistics using the most up-to-date techniques and tools. The program may be completed within three academic semesters (Fall/Winter/Summer), or in a maximum of two years. Fall, Winter and Summer entry options are offered.

Revised program structure (pending Senate approval):

Required Courses (10.5 credits)

  • CCTR 530 Jurilinguistics: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
  • CCTR 510 Computer Assisted Translation / Informatique en traduction (3 credits)
  • CCTR 550 Glottopolitics and Public Institutions (1.5 credits)
  • CCTR 541 Legal Translation: General (3 credits)

Complementary Courses (4.5 credits)

One course to be chosen from the following (1.5 credits):

  • CCTR 544 (Co)Writing Techniques for Legal Drafters (1.5 credits)
  • CCTR 542 Legal Translation: Securities Law (1.5 credits)


One course to be chosen from the following (3 credits)*:

  • CCLW 511 Law 1 (3 credits) CCTR 500 Translation Practicum** (3 credits)
  • CCTR 601 Independent Studies (3 credits) **
  • CPL2 524 Introduction to International Business (3 credits)

*Or any 500- or 600-level course in Translation studies as approved by the Academic Unit/Department.

**Departmental Approval required.

Program begins September 2018. Questions?: bryan.jim [at]



Please note: Applications are currently being accepted for the Fall 2018 term.

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