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Rory O’Sullivan Opera and Music DVDs now available for borrowing

McGill Community for Lifelong Learning is now in possession of a unique collection of opera and music DVDs. The family of the late Rory O’Sullivan generously donated his personal collection for the pleasure and enjoyment of MCLL members.

Rory always played a very active role at MCLL. As well as moderating two study groups every term, he served as chairman of the Curriculum Committee for four years and was President in 2005-06.

Rory, through his very popular and legendary Opera Study Groups, inspired huge numbers with his knowledge, love and passion for opera.

An architect by profession, Rory was born, raised and educated in Ireland. In his youth he participated in school productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. This instilled in him a lifelong love for all opera. As a young man, Rory would cycle into nearby Dublin in the morning, purchase his ticket for an opera performance and then return in the evening to take his seat “in the Gods” as he termed it.

After emigrating to Canada in the late 50’s, Rory continued, whenever possible, to seek out opera performances in Europe, the United States and at home in Canada.

It must be mentioned, too, that Rory’s love of good music extended beyond opera. He was most knowledgeable about various orchestras and their conductors and loved attending orchestral and chamber music concerts.

Selecting DVDs of the best new opera productions to purchase for his personal collection, and then playing them for the members of his study groups, was his great pleasure. Rory would search through ratings in every music magazine until he would finally select one that he felt would be a winner – and he was always right!

We at McGill are indeed fortunate to have this collection in our possession. Through it, Rory will continue to pass on his passion for opera, as he always wished to do. We owe him many thanks.

Borrowing Procedure 

A catalogue of the 363 items in the Rory O’Sullivan Opera and Music DVD Collection is available for consultation in the MCLL Office, orPDF icon in PDF format

To borrow from this DVD collection, one must be enrolled as a full member of MCLL at the time of borrowing.  This is the same requirement as with McGill Library privileges.

Members will have to fill out a copy of the DVD Borrowing Request Form in order to borrow DVDs from the collection.

  • A maximum of 2 items may be borrowed at any one time.
  • DVDs that are part of a box set will not be lent out individually
  • The borrowing period is limited to 2 weeks. 
  • Loans may only be renewed once, for an additional 2 weeks
  • Copies of the Borrowing Request Form are available at the office.

The completed form should be submitted in person to office staff or volunteers, who will be responsible for verifying the request.

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