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About MCLL

MCLL is primarily for people of retirement age who want to continue learning for the joy of it, and share their knowledge, ideas and experience with others.

Whatever your interests or educational background, at MCLL if you are intellectually curious you will enjoy expanding your knowledge with others in a friendly and stimulating environment. You will also make new friends and have the satisfaction of being a student again in the surroundings of a famous university – with no exams!

Key to MCLL’s sense of community is the commitment of members who, in addition to attending study groups, contribute their time in other ways. Members provide the team of moderators and lecturers, serve on the elected Council and committees, and take care of many administrative tasks.

Our home base is at 688 Sherbrooke Street West (corner of University), part of the McGill downtown campus.

The McGill Community for Lifelong Learning is the peer-learning branch of the Personal and Cultural Enrichment (PACE) program.

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