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Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish

Are you looking to perfect your Spanish for your studies or your career? Or are you interested in learning Spanish for personal enrichment? The Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish program offers you the teaching and learning support you need for studying, working and living in Spanish and will help you achieve your goals.
Spanish is the third most common language of international communication today and is increasingly used in the global marketplace. This program is taught by highly qualified instructors and follows internationally recognized standards of excellence.
Upon completion of the program, students will have acquired a high level of language competence and will be able to communicate with confidence in a wide variety of social and professional settings.
Students do not need to apply for official entry into the program, as this is a part-time, non-credit program. When students begin the program, they may register for courses according to the results obtained on their Spanish Classification Test. They may also take individual courses according to their needs.

Program Description

The Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish program is made up of four course levels that offer students an integrated approach to language learning. Level 1 to Level 4 courses are offered on a part-time basis during the evening.
In Level 1, students will receive a comprehensive overview of all major aspects of Spanish grammar and syntax, providing them with sufficient skills to communicate in everyday situations. In each subsequent level, students will build on and expand their knowledge through ongoing vocabulary building and increasingly complex language situations.

Course Levels

The duration of all levels is 45 class-hours per course.

Spanish 1

CSPN 211

Spanish 2

CSPN 221

Spanish 3

CSPN 231

Spanish 4

CSPN 241

Advanced Spanish (Post-certificate course)

CSPN 353

 Students are eligible for the Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish upon completion of Level 4 if their final grade in the Level 4 course is B+ or higher.

Academic Regulations

All non-credit language courses and programs are open to any person who is at least 18 years of age and fulfils the prerequisite requirements. A minimum grade of C is required in order to proceed from one language course level to the next. A maximum of three unsatisfactory grades is permitted in a certificate of proficiency program. Students who have more than three unsatisfactory grades on their record will be required to withdraw from the program.
It is the student's responsibility to respect all prerequisites. Students who fail to meet these requirements may be denied permission to continue in the course in which they have registered.
Students who wish to receive the Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Complete the Level 4 course in the program with the McGill School of Continuing Studies.
  2. Obtain a minimum grade of B+ in the Level 4 course.
  3. Attend at least 2/3 of all lectures.

Students who have studied Spanish at another institution may be exempted from one or two levels depending on the progress they have made.

Spanish Classification Test

New students wishing to register for Spanish courses other than Level 1 are required to take the Classification Test before they can register. Only true beginners can enter directly into Level 1 without having to take the test.
The Classification Test lasts approximately one hour. An appointment is not necessary and results are available one week after the test date. The test is free of charge. For test dates, see Information Sessions and Placement Tests.

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