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English Immersion Summer Program


Since 1993, McGill University has hosted international students from renowned universities worldwide in its English Immersion Summer Program (EISP).

The EISP is specifically designed for adult students who have some knowledge of English and want to improve their listening comprehension, oral communication and pronunciation. This is a total cultural and linguistic immersion program in which students are in contact with native speakers and practice their English around the clock . Accommodation is in student residences next to McGill’s downtown campus.

While at McGill, students will have the chance not only to improve their English language skills but also to learn about the Canadian and Quebecois culture. They will participate in socio-cultural learning activities both in the classroom and in the community with native-English speaking monitors. They will attend classes in the morning and participate in language workshops and cultural activities in the afternoon. The program also includes a pronunciation workshop.

These language-building activities are an important part of the program and effectively allow students to practice their English. Thanks to the variety of in-class and out-of-class activities, by the time the program is over students are much more confident in their ability to communicate in English.

Two session are offered: one in July, and another in August.

Contact information

Kevin Stanley, Program Coordinator
Language and Intercultural Communication
McGill University School of Continuing Studies
Tel.: 514-398-3791 or 514-398-3264
Email: kevin.stanley [at] or customizedlanguageprograms.scs [at]

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