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Certificate of Proficiency – French for Professional Communication

Certificate of Proficiency – French for Professional Communication

Montreal offers a unique situation: in the workplace, two languages often coexist on a daily basis. For that reason, fluency in French has become an absolute necessity for furthering one's professional career. Many employers require that their employees be able to carry out a wide range of work-related tasks and deal with complex social and professional situations in French.

The McGill Certificate of Proficiency – French for Professional Communication is the answer to this new reality: a structured, dynamic, part-time program for students who want to perfect their French skills for the workplace.

Who is the Program for?

While the program is especially designed for people who need French for their work and who hope to use French as an important tool or catalyst for their careers, it is also open to any person looking for training in French for general purposes.

  • This credit program is offered evenings and weekends, and is compatible with a full-time work schedule.
  • Upon completion of this 30-credit program, students receive a certificate. (NOTE: It is possible for a student to take courses without working toward the Certificate of Proficiency.)

All new students (except for the beginners level) must take the Entrance Placement Test (EPT) in order to take a course or start the program. For more information on the test and test dates, see Entrance Placement Test.

Program Objectives

Learning a second/foreign language plays an invaluable role in broadening one’s vision and facilitating a better understanding between people and communities. In the Quebec work context, having a solid degree of fluency in French is essential. With the Certificate of Proficiency – French for Professional Communication, non-native speakers of French will:

  •  Develop a high level of proficiency in French in formal and informal situations
  •  Acquire efficient communication strategies in oral and written contexts
  •  Gain confidence to work in French in the Quebec professional context

Ready to apply? For more information, see the Apply section.

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