Semester Abroad with Internship

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YCBS 001 Introduction to Ethics (14 CEUs)
This course introduces and explores ethical concepts, theories and practices in the field of business. Topics include: corporate conduct, social responsibility, policies, and strategies. Emphasis is on the definition, application, and analysis of values.
YCBS 009 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (14 CEUs)
This course will provide an examination of the fundamental concepts of technological entrepreneurship including prototyping, proof of concept, market segmentation, commercial collaboration and preparing to sell technology as well as corporate structure and growth. Basic management and soft skills will also be discussed. In house registration through data importing.
YCBS 118 Introduction to Project Management (9 CEUs)
This course is designed for students who aim at developing basic skills in project management. As such, the course focuses on proven tools and techniques that can be applied in any field to organize and lead a project to successful completion. Underlying theories are explained to the extent required to understand and apply these tools.
YCGL 400 Physical Environment, Sustainability & Contemporary Culture (10 CEUs)
This course enhances the learner’s English communication skills while exploring the impact of contemporary culture on the physical environment, focusing on questions of identity, tradition, values, progress, development, and sustainability.
YCGL 401 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Quebec (10 CEUs)
This course develops linguistic, communicative, functional, discursive and socio-cultural competencies in English as well as critical thinking. Learners will put into practice various techniques necessary for effective intercultural communication in academic and professional settings while exploring the historical, social, political, and cultural perspectives of diversity in Quebec.
YCGL 406 Internship for Professional Communication Purposes. (24 CEUs)
Provides work-related language and intercultural communication training. Develops linguistic, communicative, functional, discursive and socio-cultural competencies. Provides the opportunity to develop oral and written professional communication skills and gain work experience in a diverse, bilingual work environment in Canada.
YCGL 407 English for International Multilateral Negotiations (10 CEUs)
Explores the English language and its relevance in international multilateral negotiations, creating an awareness of how the use of English can help or hinder the negotiation process. Identifies effective communication strategies for successful cross-cultural multilateral negotiations, particularly in the context of our rapidly changing, increasingly competitive, globalized world.
YCGL 408 English for Strategic Interpersonal Communication (10 CEUs)
This course develops discursive and pragmatic competence in oral and written communication in English. It focuses on strategic communication in interpersonal relationships, and helps develop an awareness of the impact of one’s communication in a variety of contexts. In addition, learners acquire strategies and techniques to handle various types of English communication effectively.
YCGL 420 Intercultural Communication & Globalization (10 CEUs)
Intended for non-native speakers of English who want to develop intercultural communication competency for travel, work, or living in a different culture. Explores intercultural communication and its importance for successful cross-cultural experiences. Identifies frameworks for analyzing different dimensions of cultural values, creating an awareness of the aspects of intercultural communication competency and its necessity for successful intercultural communication in the context of our rapidly changing, increasingly globalized world.

PLEASE NOTE: Your course selection must be approved by your Program Director so that you may receive credit toward your degree at your home institution. For specific details, please contact the International Office at your university. You can also contact Ms. Effie Dracopoulos at McGill University (see contact information below).

    “It gives students the opportunity to study at one of the best universities, experience Canadian culture, and work in their field. And you get to visit amazing places in Montreal!”
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