Professional Development Certificate in Business Valuation

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Is the Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) Designation Right For You?

The CBV designation has become the premiere credential for professional business valuators and litigation support advisors in Canada and CA Magazine has called it “One of Sexiest Careers in Finance." But is the CBV designation right for you?

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Courses & Workshops

Required courses (26 CEUs)
YCBS 230 Level 1 - Introduction to Business Valuation (6.5 CEUs)
Get the knowledge and skills you need to launch a career in the field of business valuation.
YCBS 231 Level 2 - Intermediate Business Valuation (6.5 CEUs)
Acquire the knowledge you require to deal with tax-related valuation issues.
YCBS 232 Level 3 - Advanced Business Valuation (6.5 CEUs)
If you’re looking to take your career in business valuation to the next level, this course teaches sophisticated techniques to help determine valuation.
YCBS 233 Level 4 - Special Topics in Business Valuation (6.5 CEUs)
Explore the issues that significantly impact Chartered Business Valuators in real-world practice.
Two complementary courses from the following three (17-17.5 CEUs)
YCBS 234 Litigation Support in Business Valuation (6.5 CEUs)
Acquire a comprehensive overview of litigation matters as they relate to the valuation of businesses.
YCBS 235 Private Company Finance (6.5 CEUs)
Explore the issues and techniques relevant to financing private companies.
YCBS 236 Introduction to Valuation For Financial Reporting (6 CEUs)
If you’re looking to build and expand on the concepts covered in Advanced Building Valuation, this course is for you. It was designed to help you stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of accounting and valuation for financial reporting.
One complementary course from the following two (4.5 CEUs):
YCCM 208 Professional Writing in Business (4.5 CEUs)
Winter 2021, Spring/Summer 2021, Fall 2021
Concepts and principles of effective written communication: audience, purpose, organization, and style. Emphasis on business documents commonly produced by professionals (e.g., project and business plans, reports, status updates, proposals, analyses). Pre-writing and re-writing processes, including self-editing to enhance clarity, conciseness, and coherence. Audio-recorded instructor feedback.
YCBS 216 Interpersonal Skills for Professionals (4.5 CEUs)
The objective is to help learners develop effective interpersonal skills. Emphasis is placed on the following areas: communication styles, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, working with teams and influencing others, workplace diversity and intercultural communication, presentation skills, and facilitation skills. As a result of acquiring and developing these interpersonal skills, learners can increase their overall professional effectiveness.
The Business Valuation program at McGill is taught by experienced business valuators that can provide valuable insight into both the material and the profession.
David Feher
Instructor, CPA, CGA, CBV


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