Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Public Relations Management

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Courses & Workshops

Required Courses
CPRL 510 Fundamentals of Public Relations. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Survey and history of public relations practice, its various sub-specialties and its role in the organizational structure. Theories of communication and applications of theoretical knowledge in the field. Recent trends and best practices in both private and not-for-profit sectors. Professional ethics and associations.
CPRL 520 Applied Public Relations Communication. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Identification, analysis and solution of communication problems in a variety of public relations contexts. Emphasis on planning, audience, research, content, effectiveness, language, editing and design of communication tools. Practical approaches to print and Internet communication, oral presentations, and writing for media.
CPRL 530 Internal Stakeholder Communication. (3 credits)
Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Communication with the full range of internal stakeholders, including employees, management, Board, volunteers and foundations, as well as audiences specific to the organization such as patients, students, members, etc. Topics include organizational culture, labour relations, mobilization of stakeholders and issues/change management (i.e. mergers, acquisitions, partnerships).
CPRL 531 Media Context and Applications. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Winter 2020
Context in which media operate (regulation, ownership, practical constraints). Building relationships with journalists. Media theory and current trends in media uses and technology. Strategies and tools for communicating through media, including message development, spokesperson training and media events. Crisis and risk communications.
Complementary Course
CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Spring/Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring/Summer 2020
Focus on main concepts and theories of project management from initiation to close-out. Topics include: project life cycle, planning, scheduling, implementing, monitoring, controlling, close-out and ethics. The concepts presented apply to projects of various sizes, types and degrees of complexity.
CPRL 515 Fund-raising and Philanthropy. (3 credits)
The organization as donor and as fund-raiser. Social, legal and regulatory context of fund-raising and corporate giving. Role and structure of foundations, government agencies and other donor organizations. Corporate community support. Fund-raising campaigns (planning and methods), donor relations, working with volunteer leadership, information management, ethics and accountability.
CPRL 532 Public Relations Event Management. (3 credits)
Fall 2019
Management of events in support of strategic organizational objectives for relations with investors, clients, employees, government, media or community. Special events as part of public awareness or fund-raising programs. Topics include planning, budgeting, financial support, logistics, protocol, working with suppliers and partners, promotion and evaluation.
CPRL 535 Public Opinion and Public Policy. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Winter 2020
How organizations, voters, media and interest groups work to influence public policy, and how the efforts of each affect the others. Government relations at the political and public service level, including lobbying, advocacy, and regulatory issues. Coalition building. Public opinion research methods and theory. Media and democracy.
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