Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Digital Marketing

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Courses & Workshops

Required Courses
CMIS 543 Digital Customer Experience. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Winter 2020
Covers the fundamental techniques for understanding, analyzing and optimizing customer experience on digital platforms. Explores best practices in designing and optimizing conversion actions in an online business. Management of customer data and confidentiality.
CMIS 544 Digital Marketing Automation, Planning and Technology. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Winter 2020
Covers the fundamental concepts needed to develop a digital marketing plan. Enables students to gain an understanding of market behaviour, translation of corporate goals into digital marketing objectives, basic overview of various strategic approaches to align to objectives, as well as implementation and control.
CMIS 549 Digital Media and Search Engine Optimization. (3 credits)
Fall 2019
Covers the fundamentals of promoting a brand through digital mediums and how to take advantage of earned digital media. Provides an understanding of how paid search, search engine optimization, various forms of digital media planning and placement, social media promotion work and, how to monitor and optimize performance.
CMR2 573 Digital Marketing Communications. (3 credits)
Applies a strategic approach to developing and measuring a digital marketing communication strategy for various platforms and channels aligned to the traditional marketing communications mix. Covers how to leverage best practices to optimise online community building, conversion, and customer experience through digital channels in an integrated marketing communication strategy.
Complementary Course
CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Spring/Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring/Summer 2020
Focus on main concepts and theories of project management from initiation to close-out. Topics include: project life cycle, planning, scheduling, implementing, monitoring, controlling, close-out and ethics. The concepts presented apply to projects of various sizes, types and degrees of complexity.
CMR2 542 Marketing Principles and Applications. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Covers the different aspects of marketing operations: the marketing concept, the analysis and research of market opportunities, the planning, implementation, and control of the marketing program (Product, Promotion, Distribution, and Pricing). The course focuses on Canadian market environment and Canadian marketing institutions. Lectures and case studies on an individual basis and/or involving team work will be used.
CMR2 548 Processes of Marketing Research. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Comprehensive review of statistics, with emphasis on key issues required to understand and communicate marketing information: descriptive statistics, measures of central tendency, theory of probability, normal distributions, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression. Marketing research: qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques, interpretation of secondary on-line research.
CMR2 590 Topics in Marketing. (3 credits)
Specialized course covering an advanced topic in the marketing area selected from current issues or themes in literature.
CPL2 552 Strategic Management. (3 credits)
Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Includes analysis of major forces driving organizations, explores mission development, goal selection, corporate strategy, policy formulation for the benefit of all stakeholders. Discusses situations confronting senior managers in the competitive environment, includes topics such as the identification and evaluation of strategic alternatives, the management of control processes for increased productivity, etc.
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