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Career Pathways for Tomorrow's Language Professionals


Join us for an interactive discussion on the latest changes, trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of translation and learn how tomorrow’s language professionals can kickstart their careers today. 


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CCTR 535 Computer-Aided Translation and TerminologyAcquire Core Language Technology Skills This Fall!

Newly revised and updated, this online course in language technologies (CCTR 535 Computer-Aided Translation and Terminology) is designed to equip translators with the skills they need to advance their career


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Thinking of a Career in Languages or Translation?

" With more than 7 billion people currently living on the planet speaking roughly 7,000 languages, it is no surprise that there is a high demand for translators to bridge linguistic and cultural divides and bring people and communities together. "


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Puisque vous êtes traducteur, pourquoi ne traduisez-vous pas vos propres romans? 

" Puisque vous êtes traducteur, pourquoi ne traduisez-vous pas vos propres romans? » Voilà probablement la question que mes étudiants me posent le plus souvent quand ils découvrent que leur chargé d’enseignement est romancier en plus d’être prof et traducteur. En effet, pourquoi ne pas traduire mes propres livres dans les langues que je parle? Derrière la question, il y a aussi l’idée répandue selon laquelle il suffirait que l’auteur d’un roman décide traduire son propre travail dans une autre langue pour que cette traduction soit publiée à une date qu’il déterminera, chez l’éditeur de son choix, qui évidemment n’attend que cela… " 


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A Brief History of Frenglish

Just where did English come from? Explore the origins of the beloved Frenglish language in this article from translator and McGill translation instructor Roy Cartlidge.


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Courses & Workshops

CCTR 217 Fundamentals of Comparative Stylistics and Writing (English) . (3 credits)
Fall 2019
Concepts and principles that are essential to the practice of translation, including a review of advanced grammar and syntax indispensable for translators; an extensive review of punctuation and mechanics; an overview of comparative stylistics between English and French; and, an introduction to basic writing techniques that includes the essentials of composition and rhetoric, to highlight the importance of tailoring each text to a specific audience and a purpose.
Required Courses
CCTR 225 Introduction to Translation (English to French) . (3 credits)
Fall 2019
Introduction to the principles and practice of translation from English into French, including contrastive analysis of English and French, general text analysis, as well as an introduction to appropriate research techniques and sources of documentation. Examination of various methods and strategies to identify and resolve different translation problems.
CCTR 226 Introduction to Translation (French to English) . (3 credits)
Fall 2019
Introduction to the principles and practice of translation from French into English, including contrastive analysis of English and French, general text analysis, as well as an introduction to appropriate research techniques and sources of documentation. Examination of various methods and strategies to identify and resolve different translation problems.
CCTR 326 Semi-Specialized Translation (French to English) . (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Winter 2020
Introduction to the translation of specialized subject matter through translation of various semi-specialized texts (texts written by specialists for non-specialists). Study of the various methods, strategies, appropriate tools and research techniques to identify and resolve translation problems specific to the selected texts, such as the recognition of terms or the challenges of popularizing specialized terminology in English. Students will be exposed to texts in a variety of fields in preparation for the specialized domains covered in subsequent translation courses.
CCTR 331 Current Trends in Translation Studies . (3 credits)
Spring/Summer 2019, Winter 2020, Spring/Summer 2020
Introduction to prominent trends and discourses in translation studies. Text-centered approaches to the study of translation, including the analysis, contextualization and application of central concepts to describe translators' practices, followed by the study of sociological approaches. Empirical case studies selected will analyze the social conditions of production and dissemination of translations, as well as the agents and institutions that shape translation processes and practices, including translators’ professionalization.
CCTR 463 Administrative Translation: Corporate Reports (Fr to Eng) . (1.5 credits)
Winter 2020
French-to-English translation of specialized administrative texts, including annual reports, audit reports, research reports and minutes. Emphasis on fundamental reporting concepts, commonly used terms and phrases, and the stylistic differences between French and English corporate communication.
CCTR 465 Technical Translation: Energy and Natural Resources(FrtoEn) . (1.5 credits)
Winter 2020
French-to-English translation of technical texts related to energy and natural resource development, management and sustainability. Study of the translation problems specific to these texts, as well as the various strategies, appropriate resources and tools used to mitigate them. Translation practice will include studies, user manuals, project specifications, environmental reports and consumer information.
CCTR 467 Administrative Translation: HR & Training (Fr to Eng) . (1.5 credits)
Fall 2019
French-to-English translation and localization of texts used in human resources management and training. Introduction to the techniques, as well as the use of appropriate resources involved in the translation of these text types, including a context-specific analysis of the stylistic differences between the two languages. Translation exercises include policies, procedures, employee handbooks and health and safety guidelines, as well as training materials, such as presentations and videos, with a focus on the fast-growing field of e-learning.
CCTR 469 Transcreation (French to English) . (1.5 credits)
Fall 2019
Introduction to French-to-English translation and transcreation of marketing collateral and communications materials, with a focus on consumer goods and online platforms, including an introduction to the basics of search engine optimization-friendly content for translators. Survey of the specificities of online communication in translation in terms of readability and purpose. Translation exercises include Web pages, e-commerce sites and social media posts. Emphasis on understanding the hybrid role of the online community or social media manager in a multicultural and multilingual global context.
CCTR 508 Editing and Revising (English) . (3 credits)
Winter 2020
Principles of editing and revising texts written in English or translated into English from French, including the difference between editing and revising by adopting a hands-on approach. An introduction to parameters and procedures applied in copyediting and editing practices (including structural, content and substantive editing); examination of those used in bilingual revision; post-editing (i.e., revising machine translation output), as well as computer aids for editors and revisers.
CCTR 535 Computer-Aided Translation and Terminology. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Spring/Summer 2020
Introduction to terminographic work in selected fields of specialization, and to computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools used to facilitate terminological searches and terminology management. Identification and critical use of sources of terminographic documentation, both online and offline. Introduction to other fundamental CAT tools, including machine translation, translation memory, spell/grammar checkers, concordancers, tool bars and repositories.
Complementary Courses
CCTR 401 Independent Studies: Translation. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Winter 2020
Research, reading and special projects, permitting independent study under the guidance of a staff member specializing in the field of interest. Projects will have to be arranged individually with the instructors. A detailed study proposal must be submitted to the Director during the first week of class. / Recherche, lecture et projets spéciaux, permettant des études indépendantes sous la direction d'un membre du personnel spécialisé dans le domaine choisi par l'étudiant. Les projets doivent être conçus individuellement avec les chargés de cours. Projet d'étude détaillé à présenter au directeur pendant la première semaine de cours.
CCTR 442 Literary Translation-English. (3 credits)
Translation (French into English) of prose of literary quality ranging from the critical essay to the descriptive or psychological novel.
CCTR 485 Introduction to Public Service Interpreting. (3 credits)
Fall 2019
Introduction to public service (or community) interpreting. Focus on consecutive, liaison and dialogue interpreting. Emphasis will be placed on active listening and concentration skills, memory, synthesizing information for ensuing recall, and basic note-taking techniques as a memory aid. Speech delivery aspects such as register, accuracy, fluency and diction in the target language will be introduced. Sight translations of legal, medical and administrative texts. A review of best practices for interpreters in community settings.
CCTR 500 Translation Practicum. (3 credits)
Winter 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Students produce translated texts in a simulated translation office. A reviser will work with students under the guidance of the course instructor. The Practicum provides access to technology and documentation while teaching basic skills in practice development. / Les étudiants traduisent des textes à un service de traduction virtuel. Un réviseur travaillera avec les étudiants, en collaboration avec le chargé de cours. Accès à certaines technologies et à de la documentation.
CCTR 504 Professional Contexts. (3 credits)
Introduction to the national and international contexts of professional practice in translation. Students will be sensitized to models of governance, deontology and practice organization, practice management and the translation industry. Particular attention will be paid to the internationalization of translation markets as well as marketing strategies in today’s digital world.
CCTR 599 Special Topics in Translation Studies. (3 credits)
Spring/Summer 2020
Selected topics in translation and translation studies.
CGMG 210 Fundamentals of Project Management. (3 credits)
Fundamental principles and best practices of project management essential to the successful development of projects or other complex undertakings within an organization; includes methods for defining, planning, and scheduling activities and resources.
CMRK 200 Fundamentals of Marketing (3 credits)
Fundamental theories and principles of strategic marketing. Role of the marketing professional in the corporate environment. Applications of marketing practices to new businesses. Development of a marketing plan.
“I enjoyed being exposed to so many different fields during the translation program. Its interdisciplinary nature is part of what makes translation both challenging and interesting.”
Cheryl S.
2017 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation


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