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Please note that this program is no longer active.




On April 7, the Quebec government announced a $100 million program to help local organizations suffering from the effects of COVID-19 weather the storm and prepare for the reopening of the economy.

Known as PACME (Programme actions concertées pour le maintien en emploi), the program will cover 100% of the costs of training up to $100 000 and 50% of costs between $100,000 and $500,000 to develop staff skills, help organizations adjust or diversify their activities and become more competitive. The program also covers employee salaries (up to $25 per hour per employee) as well as any necessary costs such as course material, travel, meals and lodging.





PACME can also be combined with any other assistance measures offered by the provincial or federal government.


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Objectives of the PACME Program

  1. Reduce the economic impacts of the current pandemic on Quebec organizations
  2. Assist organizations and self-employed workers who must change or adapt their business practices in order to continue to pursue their activities
  3. Equip organizations with the tools needed to increase performance and revenues when the economy reopens
  4. Make Quebec organizations more competitive

Who is Eligible?

✔ Employers

✔ Self-employed workers (registered or not)
    with employees

✔ Cooperatives, Social enterprises
    and community organizations

✔ Non-profits

✔ Employee or employer associations or organizations

✔ Professional associations


McGill SCS Courses Covered by PACME

Spring/Summer 2020

Undergraduate-Level Credit Courses

  • CACF 325 Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
  • CCCS 280 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
  • CCCS 325 Mobile Application Development
  • CCCS 330 Database Design and Business Applications Dev
  • CCLW 205 Introduction to Business Law
  • CCTR 331 Current Trends in Translation Studies

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Graduate-Level Credit Courses

  • CCAU 511 Auditing 1
  • CCFA 536 Behavioural Finance and Wealth Planning
  • CCLW 511 Law 1
  • CCMA 523 Managerial Accounting 3
  • CCPA 641 Capstone 1 Seminar
  • CCPA 642 Capstone 2 Examination Preparation
  • CCTR 535 Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology
  • CCTR 543 Glottopolitics and Public Institutions
  • CCTR 599 Special Topics in Translation: Anticipating and Managing Disruption in the Language Industry
  • CCTR 601 Independent Studies

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Writing Courses

  • CEAP 642 Cornerstones of Academic Writing
  • CEAP 652 Fundamentals of Academic Presentations
  • CEAP 661 Literature Review 1: Summary and Critique
  • CESL 631 Strategies for Academic Communication in English
  • CESL 641 Fundamentals of Academic Communication in English
  • CESL 651 Pronunciation for Effective Communication
  • YCCM 600 Scientific Writing and Publishing: Graduate ESL
  • CCOM 206 Communication in Engineering
  • CCOM 206 Communication in Engineering
  • CCOM 314 Communicating Science
  • CCOM 315 Writing the Internet
  • CESL 299 CESL: Academic English Seminar

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Non-Credit Courses

  • YCBS 216 Interpersonal Skills for Professional
  • YCBS 106 Gestion et administration immobilière résidentielle
  • YCIT 004 JavaScript Libraries
  • YCNG 234 Internet of Things
  • YCBS 243 Introduction to Business Analytics Data & Modelling
  • YCBS 258 Practical Machine Learning
  • YCBS 256 Data Science for Business Decisions
  • YCBS 299 Data Science Capstone Project
  • YCWPD-030 Understanding Patents
  • YCWPD-031 Understanding Trademarks
  • YCWPD-029 Copyright Masterclass
  • YCIT 005 CSS Libraries

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Short Summer Courses (Non-Credit)


Fall 2020

Since the deadline to apply for PACME is September 30, our fall courses are eligible. Use the links below to explore our programs.

How to Submit Your Request

Companies:   Submit your request online here.


**Please note that due to the increased volume of requests coming in under this category, the Government of Quebec is advising to apply to a training program existing under the group promoter category. These are found in the current training programs listing updated by the CPTM.



Group Promoters:  Email your completed PDF Quebec government form to pacme.partenaires [at]



Complementary documents:


For more details about the application process, please visit the Government of Quebec PACME website.

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