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Maximizing Engineering System Performance Through Simulation-based Optimal Design

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) has revolutionized the engineering design process. The ability to model, simulate and analyze different design alternatives in a virtual, i.e., computational, environment enables numerical optimization studies whose objective is to maximize system performance and minimize design lead times.

Simulation-based design optimization is still looked upon by many engineers as a threat, while indeed it should be looked at as an enabling tool for higher productivity. Design engineers should be trained to formulate well-posed optimization problems, understand model utility and limitations, account for uncertainties, choose and tune algorithms according to the features of the problem to be solved and interpret results appropriately and within context. This webinar will introduce all these concepts.

Date: TBA
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
This is a 60-minute interactive presentation.

View recorded webinar here.


Dr. Michael Kokkolaras is Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University. He joined McGill after spending 12 years at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he held research faculty appointments in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Transportation Research Institute. He has a Diploma in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University. His research interests include multidisciplinary optimization, simulation-based engineering design, uncertainty quantification, decomposition and coordination methods, modelling and validation, systems of systems, product families and optimization applications in engineering. He has co-authored 38 articles in archival journals, 48 papers in conference proceedings, and 4 book chapters. He is a member of ASME (active within the Design Automation Committee) and serves as Associate Editor of the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design. He is also a senior member of the AIAA (serving on the Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Technical Committee).

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