Rwanda Paediatric Association Internship

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Number of Interns: 1

Proposed Start Date: ASAP

Duration: 1 year placement

Date Posted: September 2, 2021

Number of Work Hours per Week: 40 hours a week

Additional Information: RPA is working under the guidance of the Ministry of Health with different development partners: Unicef, USAID- Ingobyi activity and local NGOs and professional bodies. The intern will acquire knowledge and a deep understanding of the health system of a typical Low- and Middle-Income country. He/she will have the opportunity to participate in technical working groups (neonatal and child) and this would help him/her to understand the challenges, evidence-based solutions that are implemented by Rwanda through different partnerships.

Dr Virginie Clavel will also supervise the intern particularly during the remote portion of the internship. The first few months of the internship could be done remotely due to the pandemic, but that the remainder of the year the intern would be expected to relocate to Rwanda.

Full Address of organization/unit: Kicukiro-Niboye, KK 21Av., Kigali-Rwanda

Contact Name/ Supervisor: 

Primary supervisor: Prof. Lisine Tuyisenge (Rwanda Paediatric Association)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Virginie Clavel (McGill University)


How to Apply:

 Please complete the following application form. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Rwanda Paediatric Association (RPA) is a non-profit organization registered with the Government of Rwanda. It brings together all pediatricians working in Rwanda, thereby bringing them under a forum to promote the betterment of pediatric practice in Rwanda. RPA is involved from preventive to curative care through advocacy, training and capacity building of healthcare providers, sensitization of parents and caretakers.

Since November 2020, RPA is running a pilot program: Neonatal Center of Excellence Program, in 2 hospitals in Rwanda. The goal of the program is to create high standards Neonatal care units with an intensive care unit dedicated to newborns in two provincial hospitals (level 2 hospitals) in order to reduce the neonatal mortality in Rwanda. All hospitals cannot afford expensive equipment, nor have a high number of staff to manage critical cases in different hospitals in Rwanda. RPA believes that creating regional centers will improve the management of neonatal critical cases. The intern will support RPA in a research with the aim of evaluating the impact of the program, he/she will support in data analysis and reporting of evidence to inform policy makers and the Ministry of Health. The intern shall support RPA to strategically disseminate the findings and publish the paper. He/She will support in grant writing based on the local findings and national/international vision.


Internship Tasks*

Expected Outputs*

The main tasks of the intern would be:

The expected outputs are as follows:

1. To help in improving data collection of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) program

Deliverable 1 The improved data collection tool available

2. To write a research proposal with the aim of evaluating the impact of the pilot Neonatal center of excellence program

Deliverable 2 A research proposal submitted to the National Ethical Committee

3. To conduct the research with the support of RPA staff or members

Deliverable 3 Data collected, analyzed and findings reported in a scientific writing way

4. To disseminate and publish the findings with the support of RPA

Deliverable 4 Findings published and disseminated to stakeholders

5. To look at additional grant opportunities which can improve neonatal/pediatric outcomes in Rwanda.


Deliverable 5 Additional Grants(s) proposals submitted


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