Getting Health Insurance

Getting Health Insurance

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If you don’t have Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident status, you must purchase the compulsory International Health Insurance plan administered by the University.


Insurance must be purchased for yourself, and any accompanying dependent(s). This plan meets the criteria when applying for a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ), which is required for International students.

You can purchase your insurance online through Minerva, on the International Student Services webpage.


If you’re registering for the first time in September, you should note that maternity benefits for pregnancies which commenced prior to July 15 (or November 15 for registering for the first time in  January) are not covered by the University’s health plan.

January registrations are assessed a pro-rated premium.


If you’re applying to an intensive French or English Certificate of Proficiency program, you may be subject to different rates.


Please consult the Certificate of Proficiency Programs rate chart.



1 Term

1 Year




FAMILY (one dependent)



FAMILY (more than one dependent)



  • Single refers to coverage for the student only
  • Family (one dependent) refers to coverage for the student and one other dependent, such as a spouse or a child
  • Family (more than one dependent) refers to coverage for the student and all of his/her dependents such as spouse and his/her children

For any questions about this University policy, please contact the Office of International Student Services:


Office of International Student Services
Phone: +1 514-398- 4349
Fax: +1 514-398- 7352
Brown Student Services Building 3600 McTavish Street, Suite 3215 Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2
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