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Nature Specialty Foods

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Number of Interns: 2-4

Days/Times: Flexible: Monday – Friday, 10:30 am-5pm. GMT

Location: Work to be done remotely

Placement Start Date: Immediate

Placement End Date: End of December, with possibility of extension

Number of Hours per Week: Part time/Full time

Supervisor at Organization: John Attu, Managing Director

Posted: October 2020


How to Apply:

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to internships.scs [at] ">internships.scs [at] and CC mcf-transition [at] Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.


Nature Specialty Foods successfully registered in October 2019, as a legal food producing company in Ghana. The company produces Nature’s Yoghurt (strawberry & vanilla flavors) mainly from locally produced fresh cow milk. The company has registered its products with Ghana Food and Drugs Authority and acquired its certificates in March 2020, to produce and export for the next three years.

Sales Strategy: Nature’s yoghurt is selling very well at eight pharmaceutical shops in Tema and Accra, Ghana. Pharmacists are recommending the products as a natural probiotic to help improve health and nutrition. Other customers include families with young children who buy it for breakfast and as a healthy snack option for the family.

Production strategy: Locally manufactured machinery has been acquired by the company to move production from manual to semi-automatic.

Outcomes: Production and sales have experienced a steady growth after certification and investments, of about 10% bi-weekly.

Support: The company is receiving help from “Google My Business” to go digital and increase visibility.


Nature Specialty Foods was one of the 7 finalists from an inaugural Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC) organized 2019 in Ghana (sponsored by Sight and Life, Association of Ghana Industries, and McGill University). 


As a growing company, Nature Specialty Foods has internship/ fellowship opportunities in several key areas such as digital advertising, improved packaging, funding sources/partners, research into international markets and opportunities to develop new products.


  1. Develop targeted advertising especially, on social media using short videos, flyers and on google adds.
  2. Build an attractive website and social media business accounts to reach the international market (West African sub region and the west)
  3. Research and sourcing for cost effective packing materials/equipment for natural yoghurt that is environmentally friendly, example, Tetrapak packing.
  4. Carry out research on how to export and reach international markets whilst meeting the regulations and requirements of those markets.
  5. Investigate how to source for cost effective refrigerated vans for transportation.
  6. Carry out research on potential sources of funding for the company and potential partners.
  7. Perform a needs assessment on setting up a dairy farm.

Final Outputs

  1. Digital advertising commenced with short videos, business accounts on social media ready and financing options for google adds.
  2. An attractive website developed in collaboration with the company.
  3. Sourcing for alternative packaging material/equipment that is cost effective with funding options.
  4. Report on how to effectively reach international markets.
  5. Report on sourcing refrigerated vans in a cost-effective way.
  6. Report on potential partners and sources of funding for the company.
  7. A needs assessment report ready on how to set up a dairy farm.
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