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MotherFood International Internship

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Number of Interns: 4

Placement Start Date: Immediate

Placement End Date: 2 - 6 months (TBD)

Number of Hours per Week: Part-time/ Full time

Supervisor at Organization: Jeff Baikowitz, Founder

POSTED: October 2020


How to Apply:

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to internships.scs [at] and CC mcf-transition [at] Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.


MotherFood is a social enterprise committed to the development, distribution and sale of locally appealing and affordable, nutrient rich food products that address the critical daily nutrition needs specific to healthy pregnancies for undernourished, base of the pyramid (BoP) consumers around the world. Products under development include ready to use, supplementary foods for humanitarian emergencies and instant, whole meal packages suitable for family consumption with a focus on pre-pregnant, pregnant and lactating women. For a sustainable influence, our business model importantly includes local partners for influencing behavior change and maximizing local value chain contributions and income generating activities. MotherFood is developing supplementary nutritional foods for undernourished pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and adolescent girls who are not receiving sufficient nutrients for healthy pregnancies, deliveries and healthy babies. For more, see



Interns will work with MotherFood International, conducting research for developing proposals and business plans to improve nutrition, health, and economic outcomes for targeted communities in multiple countries.



  1. Understand the role and functioning of MotherFood and its potential partners across private, public, and plural sectors. (e.g. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, GAIN).
  2. Conduct online searches and review literature on nutrition, health, and economic status of target communities, including in Ghana, and summarize literature reviewed
  3. Support development and implementation of partnership initiative with World Vision to develop new food products (e.g. including Ghana Food And Drug Authority processes) with women entrepreneurs in target communities
  4. Conduct research on potential partners (e.g. local institutions, women groups) for MotherFood in target communities
  5. Conduct research on impact investing and other social investment funds related to food, nutrition, and health (e.g. Nutrition-Themed Investment Funds)
  6. Conduct research on business models of social enterprises/businesses addressing nutrition, health, and economic outcomes (e.g. Grameen Danone)


Final Outputs

  1. Presentation summarizing functions of organization to MCF Scholars
  2. Summary report on nutrition, health, and economic status of MotherFood’s target communities for making business case and informing business plan
  3. Data collection tools and work plan for development and implementation of partnership initiative with World Vision to develop new food products with women entrepreneurs in target communities
  4. Summary report on potential strategic partners for MotherFood
  5. Summary report on social investment funds and other funding sources relevant for MotherFood
  6. Summary report on social business models relevant for MotherFood
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