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HealthyLeap Startup - Internship

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Number of Interns: N/A

Location: Remote

Placement Start Date: N/A

Placement End Date: 2 - 6 months (TBD)

Number of Hours per Week: Part-time/Full time

Supervisor at Organization: Grace Asantewaa Twumasi (MD) 

POSTED: October 2020


How to Apply:

No longer accepting applications.


HealthyLeap is a start-up that has developed Sweepolac, a complementary food made from carefully selected indigenous food raw materials; specifically Orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP), millet and soyabean. The product aims at reducing micronutrient deficiency especially Vitamin A deficiency in children above age 6 month. Its major ingredient, OFSP is very high in beta-carotene (a precursor of Vitamin A), Soyabean; a high quality plant protein to cushion the protein need and Millet to contribute more micronutrients and phytochemicals to the product. The product is a ready to eat food, which may not need additional milk or sugar, but only hot water to make it into a slurry to feed the child.

Aside its delicious taste, Sweepolac also contains 3739.65 µg/100g beta carotene which is able to meet 77.91 % of the Recommended Daily Allowance (400 µg/100g) of Vitamin A needed by infants and young children. Sweepolac has already been tried through consumer sensory at a children’s hospital (Manhyia Hospital, Kumasi) and was very much accepted by mothers.

Sweepolac has won an award as the 1st runner up of an Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC) organized in Ghana (which was sponsored by Sight and Life, Association of Ghana Industries, and McGill University) as a nutritious food to reduce malnutrition. The product has market potential, however, lack of funds and resources is delaying it up scaling.



Interns will work with HealthyLeap in conducting research that may be focused on one or more of the tasks noted here, including to develop a proposal and business plan for potential funding sources as well as to develop a product package suitable for Sweepolac and a global website to aid in branding Sweepolac.



  1. Conduct research to write a great business plan and compelling proposal for a potential investor
  2. Conduct research on potential business partners to support Sweepolac
  3. Develop a suitable product package for a 100g Sweepolac
  4. Develop a website for global market of Sweepolac
  5. Document challenges faced during the project


Final Outputs

  1. Business plan and proposal for Sweepolac to submit for potential funding
  2. List of potential business partners (especially partners involved in child nutrition, child health and OFSP promotion) and their objectives and requirements
  3. A 100g package design and a research literature on suitable packaging material for Sweepolac
  4. A website for global market of Sweepolac
  5. A summary of challenges throughout the entire project


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