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Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)

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    Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)

  • Number of Interns: 2
  • Date Posted: January 2021
  • Location: Remotely
  • Placement Start Date: Immediate
  • Placement end Date: 2-6 months (TBD)
  • Number of Hours per Week: Part time/Full time
  • Supervisor at Organization: Samuel Compton, Operations Director
  • Additional Information: Number of working hours can be negotiated. The objective is to offer internship for 6 months. Individuals with qualifications in agriculture, data, policy-making are most welcome, but the objective is to identify those with a strong interest in turning complex concepts and information into easy to understand and elegant content for social media platforms. The candidates should have an interest and ability to include design and creative skills, with a knowledge of building sites and producing multi-media material.



How to Apply:

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to internships.scs [at] and CC mcf-transition [at] Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.


GODAN's mission is to eradicate hunger, improve nutrition, and achieve global food security for millions of people across the globe. Click here [link provided/embedded] to find out how you can unlock the power of technology and open data, end extreme poverty, and empower farming communities.


Role Description:

GODAN seeks an individual who has an interest and aptitude to build GODAN's communication services. The objective is to engage an intern who can increase the number of reports on innovations and achievements produced by partners in the GODAN network and to promote the effectiveness of GODAN reports on the website and increase interactions on GODAN's social media platforms.

The successful individual will have knowledge and experience using social media platforms, helping to build the number of followers, and ensuring visits to the GODAN website increase and visitors stay longer on the website. There is a need to be able to translate complex scientific and policy-based text into easy to understand reports and to encourage interaction with a wide range of individuals. The role requires the ability to interact with individuals from all over the world.

Qualifications in communications, the agricultural sector, policymaking and platform development are all of value to this post. A combination of at least two of the qualifications is preferred. Ideally, the successful candidate will also have practical experience in Public Relations (PR), journalism, online hosting or providing content in a fast operating environment.

Preferably the candidate will be bi-lingual French/English, but the ability to communicate in Spanish or Arabic would be considered an asset.


Placement Description & Logistics

Internship Tasks

Task 1 Apply good communication skills to generate content for social media

Task 2 Understand documents on agriculture, data or policy-making, and in so doing, curate content for GODAN social media and webpages that turn complex documents into easy to understand and relevant messages, including attracting donors.

Task 3 Support research and work with the head of M&E to build the results framework of GODAN.

Task 4 Interact with followers on social media platforms – drawing upon experience raising funds and/or working on online gift and personal giving campaigns to build following and increasing engagement.

Expected Outputs

Deliverable 1: Updated GODAN social media platforms with an eye to increase visitors traffic to GODAN website, engaging visitors to spend more time on GODAN website and to make repeated visits.

Deliverable 2: Analytical reports (Ex. Google Analytics reports) on GODAN’s social media platforms that effectively give direction to improved online numbers of followers and visitors. As such, provide effective funding hooks (such as turning success stories into opportunities for the public to provide donations).

Deliverable 3: Increased quality and frequency of surveys with network partners.

Deliverable 4: High quality reports and postings that increase interest and support for GODAN's mission. Becoming an influencer by writing with GODAN’s target reader in mind.

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