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Future Earth Montreal Hub Internship

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Number of Interns: 3
Proposed Start Date: ASAP
Proposed End Date: 2- 8 month placement
Number of Work Hours per Week: 10-20

Additional Information: The work hours and the start/end date can be quite flexible. But we hope to get at least one intern as soon as possible.

Contact Name/ Supervisor : Eliane Ubalijoro

Full Address of organization/unit: 1250, Guy Street, Suite 1020,Montreal, Quebec, H3H 2T4

How to Apply:

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to internships.scs [at] and CC mcf-transitions [at] Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.


Future Earth is an international platform for research, innovation, and collaboration working to accelerate transformations to global sustainability. The Montreal Global Hub forms part of the distributed secretariat with global hubs in Sweden, France, Japan, and the US as well as regional offices in other locations. One key focus of the Montreal Hub is to work through its partnership with SDA to leverage the digital age to advance sustainability science to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, and build an equitable society to support Future Earth’s global priorities. Other priority areas may develop through consultation with core constituencies throughout Canada.


Role Description

We are initiating a research project reviewing the past achievements and challenges on biodiversity conservation in Canada since 2010 and co-create pathways with multi-stakeholders to prepare Canada for a new decade of progress on sustainable development. We will conduct literature review, SDG mapping, and scenario analysis which involves a national-level workshop to be held in May 2021. The intern is expected to help with multiple tasks depending on the different phases of the project and his/her personal strengths and interests. The general mandates include providing support on grey literature review, quantitative/qualitative analysis, and/or workshop facilitation.


Internship Tasks

The intern is expected to accomplish part of the tasks listed below dependent on the duration of the internship:
Task 1: Literature review (including scientific and grey literature) (Feb-Mar.)
Task 2: Environment scan on a specific topic (e.g., provincial reports, local-scale solutions for biodiversity conservation)(Feb. -Apr.)

Task 3: Outreach and convening (e.g., invitation and follow-up with workshop participants) (Feb. -Apr)

Task 4: Workshop design and facilitation (Mar. - May)
Task 5: Interview/Survey (Mar.- May)

Task 6: Data analysis and visualization (May - Aug.)
Task 7: Manuscript drafting/Policy briefing(May- Oct.)


Deliverable 1: Summary on the literature review (e.g., a table listing reviewed literatures and a synthesis on drivers, factors on biodiversity change and outcomes of biodiversity loss in Canada)
Deliverable 2: a list of reviewed reports/case studies and synthesis of the existing solutions for biodiversity conservation at provincial level/local community level.
Deliverable 3: a confirmed list of workshop participants and a confirmed schedule for follow-up interviews.
Deliverable 4: a comprehensive plan and run of the show for the 3-day online workshop. Presentation prepared for the workshop.

Deliverable 5: at least five conservation professionals interviewed about progresses, challenges, and possible solutions for biodiversity conservation in Canada.

Deliverable 6: A matrix showing the relations between SDG and Aichi targets. A logic chain showing the related ecosystem services and the end-users.

Deliverable 7: Draft for the workshop summary.

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