McGill Mastercard Foundation Transitions Project Internships

Geared for impact across Africa.

The goal of the McGill Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Transitions Project is to facilitate the Scholars’ successful transition from student to the workforce with a specific focus on roles and initiatives geared for impact across Africa, and building on McGill University’s existing MCF Scholars Program. In collaboration with Career Advising & Transition Services (CATS) from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, the MCF Transitions Project is working to develop global networks with partners, both local and abroad, to provide transformative experiential learning opportunities through internships and projects that offer applied experiences through entrepreneurship, community development, or policymaking efforts in Africa and globally. The MCF Transitions Project is also designed to support Scholars' transitions through robust skill-building and professional development training and support.

This page summarizes exclusive internship and collaborative project opportunities available through the McGill MCF Transitions project for Scholar/Alum consideration.


The MCF Internship Award

MCF Scholars/Alums who are successfully placed in internships through the McGill MCF Transitions Project are paid an MCF Internship Award for their full-time or part-time internship.

McGill Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Transitions Project Internship Postings

Densu Associates Internship

Densu Associates is a pioneering purpose-driven social change and global development management consultancy. Founded and led by Africans, our vision is to contribute to social change and development of individuals, communities and societies by providing management expertise.

iMD Research Inc Internship

Montreal-based company iMD Research designs, develop and builds AI-driven medical devices. One of its wearable devices is a small Bluetooth connected vital sign (i.e. Temperature, O2 saturation, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Blood Pressure) monitoring bracelet that also detects falls. The simple low bulk bracelet is currently undergoing certification and homologation by Health Canada and the FDA.

Nourishing Africa Internships

Nourishing Africa is a social enterprise focused on supporting African agriculture and food entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by providing resources, tools, and opportunities to bridge critical knowledge and capacity gaps in the entrepreneurial landscape. Nourishing Africa has established a digital knowledge and membership platform for agrifood entrepreneurs from farm to fork across Africa to connect with each other, and access funding, data, markets, mentors, industry experts, training, and other related services for the growth of their businesses.

McGill University, School of Human Nutrition Intenrship

The McGill University School of Human Nutrition comprehends undergraduate and graduate programs in human nutrition and dietetics. Research is carried out in foundational science to clinical, community and international fields. 

The Square Alumni Foundation Internship

(Position Filled)

The Square Alumni Foundation is a charity organization that supports pharmacy education in sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation provides a way to pool experiences and resources of Square Alumni and other UK pharmacists to help improve health care delivery in sub-Saharan Africa.

The University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) Internships

Aligned with the vision of the University of Health and Allied Sciences of becoming a pre-eminent research and practice-oriented health educational institution dedicated to community service, our goal is to establish an equitable, reciprocal, and bi-directional partnership with McGill University’s School of Population and Global Health (SPGH) to pursue research projects and learning opportunities relevant to the needs of UHAS SPH, McGill SPGH and their constituents.

Future Earth Montreal Hub

(Positions filled)

Future Earth is an international platform for research, innovation, and collaboration working to accelerate transformations to global sustainability. The Montreal Global Hub forms part of the distributed secretariat with global hubs in Sweden, France, Japan, and the US as well as regional offices in other locations.

Twiva Media Group Limited

Twiva is a start-up that harnesses the vast penetration of smart phones, internet connectivity, mobile banking, and social media to give Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Africa affordable, efficient and digital access to market. This is done by leveraging social media influencers to push their goods and services.

Ubenwa Health: Business Development 

Ubenwa Health is a speech analytics company leveraging artificial intelligence and mobile computing to address the world's biggest challenges in healthcare: newborn health. We have a vision of creating low-cost, reliable, and accessible solutions that address critical needs of health professionals who attend birth. 

Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)

Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)

GODAN's mission is to eradicate hunger, improve nutrition, and achieve global food security for millions of people across the globe. Click here [link provided/embedded] to find out how you can unlock the power of technology and open data, end extreme poverty, and empower farming communities.

HealthBank Technologies Inc (APPLICATIONS CLOSED)

HealthBank is a healthcare financial technology company that is building the financial OS for insurance and consumer payments for the future of healthcare. We are building the world's first financial OS for healthcare providers (like hospitals, pharmacies), health insurance carriers, payers and benefits & HR platforms.

School of Continuing Studies, Dean's Office

(Position Filled)

The School of Continuing Studies (SCS), under the leadership of the Dean, Carola Weil, serves adult learners aged 18-98 through both credit and non-credit flexible and online learning. McGill SCS is also a leading partner of the University in developing the next phase of engagement in the MCF YAW initiative.

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MotherFood International Internship
Social Enterprise - MotherFood International

MotherFood is a social enterprise committed to the development, distribution and sale of locally appealing and affordable, nutrient rich food products that address the critical daily nutrition needs specific to healthy pregnancies for undernourished, base of the pyramid (BoP) consumers around the world.

Suspicious Fish Internship
Community organization – Suspicious Fish

The Suspicious Fish is a literacy and arts program that has been running out of Verdun Elementary since 2007. The primary function of the program is to encourage and work with the students at Verdun Elementary as they write and develop short stories and other creative writing mediums.

Pneuma Food Scientifics Internship
AGI Internships: Social Enterprise – Pneuma Food Scientifics (PFS)

The primary business activity of PFS is to provide consultancy services to individuals and companies within the food industry segments, aid in food product development from idea stage to upscaling phase, and add value and promote indigenous and under utilized crops. PFS was the first place winner of the Ghana 2019 Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC), sponsored by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Sight and Life Foundation, and McGill University.

HealthyLeap Startup - Sweepolac
Social Enterprise – HealthyLeap (Startup); Sweepolac (Product)

HealthyLeap is a start-up that has developed Sweepolac, a complementary food made from carefully selected indigenous food raw materials; specifically Orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP), millet and soyabean. The product aims at reducing micronutrient deficiency especially Vitamin A deficiency in children above age 6 month. HealthyLeap was the second place winner of the Ghana 2019 Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC), sponsored by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Sight and Life Foundation, and McGill University.


Nature Specialty Foods Internship
Social Enterprise – Nature Specialty Foods

Nature Specialty Foods successfully registered in October 2019, as a legal food producing company in Ghana. The company produces Nature’s Yoghurt (strawberry & vanilla flavors) mainly from locally produced fresh cow milk. The company has registered its products with Ghana Food and Drugs Authority and acquired its certificates in March 2020, to produce and export for the next three years. Nature Specialty Foods was a finalist at the Ghana 2019 Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC), sponsored by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Sight and Life Foundation, and McGill University.

Montreal Metropole en Sante Stage
Montréal – Métropole en santé (MMS)

Montréal – Métropole en santé (MMS) is a network of over 350 partners who collaborate to create environments conducive to healthy living in Montréal. MMS is composed of two networks. The Système alimentaire montréalais, (SAM) is coordinated by a food policy council, aims to ensure access to healthy, affordable, diverse, sustainable and local food. Montréal physiquement active (MPA) is a network focused on promoting physical activity for all segments of the population. 

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