Future Students
Join learners from around the world on a journey to realizing your potential. Foster your passion, expand your toolkit, and connect with other lifelong learners at the McGill School of Continuing Studies.

Future Students

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Students at McGill University
Dare to Reinvent Your Future

Learn how the School can help you pursue personal growth and new opportunities.

Ernest enrolled in English language courses before tackling his Masters.

Hear how the School helped Niki achieve her personal goals and those of her clients.

Ready to Get Started?

Your first step is choosing the program, course or workshop that’s right for you. The School offers a diverse selection of undergraduate and graduate certificates, workshops, seminars, and language programs to support professional and personal advancement. Our advisers can help you find the right fit. Whatever your goals are, we’re prepared to help you achieve them.

International Students

Are you an international student considering one of our programs? Make yourself at home at Canada’s most international campus.

We can guide you through applying to a program, requesting a student visa, and more.

Information Sessions and Placement Tests

Want to learn more about our offerings? The School regularly hosts information sessions, both online and on campus, where you can learn about our courses and have your questions answered by advisers.

Interested in one of our language or translation programs? Get started with a placement test.

“I definitely want to keep going. Being exposed to people carrying out best practices is really inspiring. It’s given me a lot of energy, and it made me realize that I can do this. It raises your game and raises your confidence. This is my investment in me.”
Christina P.
Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management Student
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