Certificat de perfectionnement professionnel en analyse de données en affaires

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La science des données : de plus en plus accessible


Cours obligatoires
YCBS 260 Statistics for Business Decision Making (8 CEUs)
This course provides an overview of fundamental statistical and mathematical concepts needed to perform statistical data analysis to support business decisionmaking and projections such as probability, random variables, descriptive statistics, regression modelling, common probability distributions, experimental design.
YCBS 261 Data Analytics Fundamentals (8 CEUs)
Introduction to fundamental analytical methods, tools and techniques used to collect, analyze, interpret and predict business outcomes based on data. Overview of NoSQL databases, RDBMS databases and data structures. Complete data processing cycle and predictive analytics using machine learning with Alteryx, Excel, SQL and Tableau to analyze data, create forecasts and models, design visualizations, and communicate insights.

This course is aligned with the IIBA’s Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®-CBDA) competencies. More information.

YCBS 256 Data Science for Business Decisions (8 CEUs)
Overview of how data science can help drive business decisions and create new business models. Emphasis on data strategy, the data science lifecycle and process, business and analytics problem framing, overcoming challenges of implementing a data-driven business, including ethics, data governance, and privacy. Application of data science across various industries and business areas. Data science tools, including Alteryx and Tableau for data preparation, analysis, and visualization.

This course is aligned with the IIBA’s Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®-CBDA) competencies. More information.


The PDUs earned through this non-credit-bearing course can be used by CAP and aCAP certificants to satisfy the 30 PDUs needed to renew their certification every three (3) years. More info.
YCBS 262 Leading Data Science Projects & Teams (8 CEUs)
Overview of organizational capabilities and structures required to successfully create a data-driven business culture, including analytics maturity models, an integrated approach to defining and staffing data science projects, roles and responsibilities within a data project, development of data products and services, AI Canvas, collaboration and innovation tools and techniques including Design Thinking. Challenges and best practices in data governance and compliance. Data Science tools and techniques including Alteryx, Tableau, GitHub, and Google Cloud Platform.

This course is aligned with the IIBA’s Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®-CBDA) competencies. More information.

YCBS 299 Data Science Capstone Project (9 CEUs)
Integration and application of knowledge and skills gained during the program through hands-on projects supported by our industry partners to build a full data science pipeline from preparing, analyzing and visualizing data to building and testing models. Communication and presentation of insights and recommendations derived from data analysis using visualization and storytelling techniques.
Commentaires d'un étudiant
Le certificat de perfectionnement professionnel en analytique d’affaires de l’Université McGill a littéralement propulsé ma carrière. Il m’a ouvert des horizons et m’a donné les compétences et le réseau qu’il me fallait pour réussir dans la nouvelle économie des données. Je me félicite de l’avoir fait et je le recommande à tous ceux qui veulent parfaire leurs connaissances en science des données, en analytique et en apprentissage machine.
Jonathan Guzzo
Directeur associé, Gestion des risques, Trésorerie corporative à la Banque Nationale du Canada


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